ADHD Diet Works!!

by Carly Stolle
(Spokane, WA)

Just wanted to share how very important diet is in ADHD. My daughter was on Ritalin for several years and I truly believed it was helping.

I am a Registered Nurse and at that point, did not believe in any natural treatments. I was attending an Autism conference, working a booth, when some mothers in line started discussing how their kids got coxsackie virus and all the other kids got a common cold.

At that point, I didn't know of any other child that had had coxsackie virus. I had raised three others of my own and never even heard of it.

It was then I decided to look into natural treatment and had her tested for food allergies. She was off the chart, both IgG and IgE, for milk and milk products, beef, gluten, lamb and cranberries. She was deficient in Vitamin D.

I immediately put her on a GFCS diet, went organic and totally eliminated high fructose corn syrup .. and took her off Ritalin, supplemented with vitamins and minerals prescribed by her Naturopath. But I did not notify the school of the changes.

Two weeks later I received a call from her teacher and the counselor at school, thanking more for increasing her Ritalin and passing on what a great improvement it had made in her behavior.

It's been two years since that day and I am amazed at what a huge difference it has made in her life. She can even tell you how much better she feels off from Ritalin.

So if you have a child who has ADHD tendencies, it is well worth your time to at least investigate food allergies. For us, it has made a huge difference.

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