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ADHD Basics Newsletter, Issue #023 -- Are ADHD Medications Over Prescribed
April 09, 2009

I received an email from a highschool student asking me about my opinion on ADHD medications like Ritalin. She is writing a report on how they are over prescribed and wanted my thoughts.

After I wrote my thoughts, I read it and was excited to share it with you.

I hope you enjoy what I wrote as much as I did.

Well here it is.


The whole problem with treating ADHD with medication is that it does not address the causes of ADHD. As many say, there are no causes, it is hereditary and there is nothing you can do. In most cases, this is completely untrue.

There are some cases that children have ADHD and nothing can really help them, not even medication. Of course, medication being used on these people I believe is wrong. These people are those that are "crack babies" (babies born to a mother addicted to crack and really any other type drug), brain damaged, and toxicated.

Crack babies are not fully developed and born with an addiction to drugs, so they will suffer for the rest of their life. They have problems that are seen as symptoms of ADHD and so treated for it. They really should be treated as special needs and not medicated. The same with those who have brain damage. I know of a girl that has half a brain. She was very functionaly but had problems with her attention. The teacher said she probably has ADHD. No she doesn't, she has half a brain and is a special needs child.

Toxicated, which may not be a real word, are those who have to many toxins in their body or heavy metals. This can happen from shots like the flu shot or immunization shots. They are known to have either mercury or aluminum and can cause brain problems that show up in symptoms like ADHD or Autism.

For the rest of ADHD people, the underlying issue is their diet. Sugar is a huge problem which makes certain people have really bad attention problems and hyperactivity. The lack of protein (or not enough) also causes attention problems and mood swings. Sugar quickly spikes the blood sugar and then it drops after the "high". This is the major cause of ADHD symptoms. There are those who will disagree with this, but when you fight against a billion dollar business, you have to believe what works and not fake case studies or "experts".

The other issue is minerals. The lack of calcium and magnesium shows in sypmtoms like restless leg syndrome, hyper activity, sleeplessness, focus and attention problems, and many other. In addition to the proper diet and adding the minerals needed in the right form, most ADHD symptoms are gone.

The diet and mineral information that I just talked about, I used myself to eliminate most of my ADHD symptoms. It also is used by many doctors and parents.

If this can help most people with ADHD that are not "special needs", then all of them prescribed with medication or over prescribed.

All the medication does is run the body down. Stimulant medication is speed. So the body is always going on fake energy and is wearing down faster. The real causes are not addressed and so things down the road get worse with more medication added and doses increased.

This may not address every situation there is with ADHD and is only a summary of the majority. The diet change and adding of proper minerals will help the majority of people with ADHD.

Regards, TJ Chambers

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I am not a doctor. Everything I share, I gained from my personal experiences and the experiences of others.

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