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ADHD Basics Newsletter -- New Video, Diet for ADHD
December 22, 2009

I made my first video where I discuss the diet for ADHD. It is an overview of what I discuss in the emails I send out and the information I provide on my website.

A week ago I lost my job because our group was downsized significantly. While I look for a new job, I will work on creating more videos.

Here is the link to the page with the video and information on ADHD diet

Right below the video, you will see a couple links. The first will take you to the bottom of the page where you can make comments or ask questions about diet on ADHD. The next one is to review the comments and questions that have been asked. As soon as someone makes a comment or asks a question, that second link will be come active.

If you would like to request a video on a specific topic, please submit your request at the link below.

Video Request Page

Regards, TJ Chambers

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I am not a doctor. Everything I share, I gained from my personal experiences and the experiences of others.

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