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ADHD Basics Newsletter, Issue #022 -- Sugar High
April 02, 2009

When I sent this newsletter, I received an instant reply that I would like to share with you then you can read the newsletter.

Hey TJ,

The email got my attention on that matter. If I eat sweets, and high carb foods, that makes me go the same way. Not only I will be hyperactive at first, but a crash where I will feel sluggish, tired, and a heartburn. That's why these days for the last year, I eat healthy as much as I can. Well, you take care and don't eat that junk food:)



I am writing to you today from my desk at my job. I'm just like everyone else and work a full time job.

We had a "cookout" today and everyone brought in snacks, desserts, side dishes, hamburgers, hot dogs, and all kinds of things.

I brought in one of my favorite cakes from WholeFoods. It is an apple spice cake and is so delicious!

Of course I had some of it! I couldn't resist. I don't eat many deserts or consume very much sugar, so I went for it.

It wasn't a big piece.

I'm having a hard time working. The sugar went straight to my brain and didn't take long.

At first it is like a rush but then after that, I can't really concentrate and I have problems focusing on what I am doing.

I was on the verge of some hyperactivity but I didn't have enough sugar.

It has been an hour now since I ate that cake and it still has the same effects. I'm not sure how long it will last.

I am telling you about this so you know what happens to a child or adult with ADHD when they consume sugar.

This sugar can be in cake, bread, drinks, or whatever it gets squeezed into. This also applies to alternatives like high fructose corn syrup.

You want to know how bad it can get on a sugar high? Let me tell you what happened last week.

My girlfriend and I went out to eat which we don't do very often. This place had fresh squeezed lemonade. Hmmmm My favorite.

Not sure how much sugar was in that though. To make it worse, they had sugar on the outside top of the glass.

I gave it a lick to see what it taste like and I didn't like it.

After dinner, I decided to go for some Mint Green Chocolate Chip ice cream. It has been a long time since I had that.

The lemonade was long gone and I finished the ice cream. My girlfriend looks at me and says, oh no, your eyes are glazed over. That's not good.

I didn't think anything of it because I felt fine.

We went to the grocery store for food.

Well, eventually the sugar hit me hard. I was all over the place and very hyperactive. My mouth was just running with a mind of its own.

Anyone that saw me may have thought I was slightly drunk because I was acting a bit strange.

This lasted for about 45 minutes at least and she was getting very annoyed with me.

After the sugar started to wear off my head starting hurting. I felt like I took some drugs or drank to much and it started to wear off.

If you wanted to know how bad it can get when a person is eating sugar, well, these are 2 examples.

That's why it is important to reduce the sugar and increase the protein.

Sugar includes things like fruit, vegetables, pasta, bread, and so on.

That doesn't mean you can't ever eat it, you just have to keep it at a minimal. I put frozen fruit in my protein shake everyday but only 1/2 cup. Any more than that makes my brain go crazy.

Regards, TJ Chambers

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