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ADHD Basics Newsletter, Issue #003 -- Ty Pennington on ADHD Awareness Day
September 13, 2007
Ty Pennington is going to speak live on ADHD Awareness Day, September 19, 2007. In the United States, this day is a national awareness day for ADHD.

Ty Pennington has ADHD and from my understanding, he uses medication for it. If you are not familiar with who he is, he is on a show that rebuilds homes for people. It is a very dramatic and emotion filled show. It makes me cry almost every time I watch it because of what they do for such wonderful and at times, unfortunate people.

Shire is sponsoring a help line that people can call or chat with an ADHD expert. I am writing about this with a different twist then what everyone is talking about.

I have a problem with the medications. They are so harmful. Shire is sponsoring this event because it gives them exposure and gives them a chance to promote their drugs.

I just hate how so much money and people are devoted to find unnatural chemicals to try to fix the problems of the human body. We don't need these chemicals. We already have everything in nature provided to us to help our bodies.

We just have to use them. Think about what would happen if these billions and trillions of dollars were spent on finding out how to naturally get the nutrients and minerals back into the ground to make our vegetation healthy again.

There are many other things that can be done. It is easier for these companies to come up with chemicals that are addictive and that cause other symptoms that make people have to take multiple medications and charge outrages prices for them.

Ty Pennington is a net to gather the fish in for medication sales. I am sure he is good hearted and wants people to know that you can accomplish things even with ADHD.

Just remember, you can contact me any time of the year. Not just once a year like these so called ADHD experts.


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