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When I was reading visitor responses, I came across one that disturbed me. Becca from New York wrote me and said she did not think I was genuine with the help that I offer on my site so she hesitated in writing; I knew that I had to create this page.

You need to know that I am sincere and genuine in my offer to help and that is why I built this website. Most answers can be found on here if you will use the search box to look for them. Also, visit the message boards where you can ask questions and others will answer in addition to myself.

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TJ Chambers

Im intrigued with your website. Everything went great with our ADHD project and we got a really good mark. We used your analogy and also changed it around as well and had different groups juggling and others doing a word slueth or maths problems while their friends spoke to them about the weekend, plus the added noise from the classroom and everyone said it was great.

Then we just did some other activities like a role play and some other things. Everyone said it was great and we seemed to really know what we were talking about.. Thank you for you help

Nicole, Australia

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Thanks for the response! I really appreciate it (unexpected, yet pleasant surprise).

Brad, United States

Thanks and thanks for doing the website

James, California

great website.

Tami, Delaware

Hi TJ,

Thanks for all the information. ...Wow, itÕs so cool that you are responding so quick... Gosh, thanks for all your help! You are soooo cool. I have been reading thru your website and you have so much information. My hat is off to you for doing thisÑCongrats!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Nancy, Montana

it is good to hear you.

Meral, Turkey

Thank you very much for your ADHD Math help tips.

Vika, Pennsylvania

I send you my good wishes and all the best with your quest I am here in wales, UK right behind you with my full support. Well done and keep going, we need more people like you and me.

Sally, United Kingdom

I did not think you were genuine in the "help" that you offer (on your site). I really am impressed that you wrote back. Your web site really caught my attention. Anyway - If nothing else. It was REALLY nice to have someone listen without prejudice, even for a few minutes.Keep at it, TJ.


Becca, New York

Thank you so much once again its nice to have a real person to chat with about something so sensitive. God Bless you for your time!

Ann, Kuwait

This is a great website. You are doing such a great thing. I really appreciate that.

Brooke, Indiana

Wow that was a quick reply. Thanks

Tom, United Kingdom

Hello, I found your site to be MOST interesting; you explain yourself well enough for us simple folks to understand.I am still busy reading your words.

Keep up the good work !! & thank you.

Birdi, Israel

WOW!!! I didnt expect a reply in such great detail. Thank a lot. You have been a great help thus far. I have not opened your link yet cause I wanted to just thank you first on how excellent of a reply you had left for me so far. And about the cravings, I would most love to get rid of.

Thanks again,


I'm 37 years old and in April I'm (for the first time) going to a psychiatrist to get evaluated for ADHD. Your analogies help me to explain to others what its like inside my head!

Robert, Vista, Arkansas

I just want to say that this site as helped me so much. The last two days I have been rock bottom. I recently lost a job opportunity of a life time because of my ADD. I don't want to admit I have a problem till something like this happens. Then my life hits me in the face all because I am different.

I am in tears for the hope you have given me today. I am a 47 year old single mother of a four year old. I am a massage therapist struggling on my own to make the business work but there are problems....I hope to hear back from you.

Debra, Washington

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