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ADHD Basics Newsletter, Issue #016 -- ADHD and Treatment
June 17, 2008

ADHD and treatment is a very touchy subject. Many people are told that the only treatment for ADD ADHD is medication. I have tried to talk to these people and let them know that this isn't true, and then I get called all kinds of names.

Because I have ADHD and I have dramatically reduced my symptoms, I know what works. I certainly do not use medication.

I found out about a new series of products coming out that will change the lives of people with ADHD and the loved ones that either help take care of them or have to live with them.

I know what it is like to live with myself. Its not always easy.

Any help that my loved ones can get, well, they need.

Within the next month, these new products will be released. I have already been sampling them and I have really enjoyed them.

What am I talking about here?

I am talking about brand new e-products. These e-products address the issues of ADHD and treatment for parents and loved ones that is currently not being addressed.

These e-products are ebooks and audio interviews.

It is being called a treatment for add adhd but it is more of an education than a treatment.

Here are some of the things that will be discussed.

1. An adult with ADHD tells his story about his life and how he became successful even though his mother was against him. He used is ADHD gifts and became a successful business man. This is a very inspirational story and makes me want to run out and accomplish more.

2. When the teacher calls This audio prepares you mentally for the emotional onslaught that happens when your teacher utters those stomach churning words...

3. Before u see the doc Think walking in to a doctors appointment is a walk in the park? Find out how many patients have literally gotten the short end of the stick simply because they were not prepared.

4. Deciding if u will use meds A never ending issue for controversy. Find out the truth behind medication and go through your own mental checklist before deciding to take the plunge.

6. Using meds and exit trategy An unbelievably powerful strategy that is hardly even considered. Find the right way to get off and stay off medication for good.

7. Commencement day After listening to the first 4 audio sessions you need to take practical steps to uncover The Gift of ADHD. My friend Hoe Bing does a powerful audio to take you from reaction to action. A must not miss. Don't jump the gun, go through the first 4 audios before listening to this one. You've been warned.

And Many More things

There are more things that is just so much to add to this email. As I receive more information about when these products will be released, I will get the information to you.

To learn more about these e-products, click this link to view them.

ADD Is A Gift e-Products

Do you know someone that is ADHD and gifted? This is an area that needs more study into. There are spiritual and physical giftings that I just find intriguing and inspiring.

Share your story and read others. ADHD and Gifted

What do you think about this newsletter and Tell me now, I am listening.

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I am not a doctor. Everything I share, I gained from my personal experiences and the experiences of others.

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