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ADHD Basics Newsletter, Issue #016 -- the name that will turn the ADHD world on its head
July 16, 2008

Hi Will You Join Me In This ADHD Changing Event?

ADD Is A Gift e-Products

If you're frustrated about ADHD and wished things were different, then today is your day.

Dr Lara Honos-Webb, a previous ADD sufferer turned Best Selling Author, is taking a stand against the ADHD establishment.

Finding life difficult to bear because of your ADHD?

That is exactly what Dr Honos-Webb was feeling a mere 10 years ago.

Like many others with ADD, she was hurt more by the sense that something was wrong with her than by the symptoms of distractibility and hyperactivity.

Her own healing became the steppingstone to a life long purpose and career choice.

It also fueled her determination to reverse the sickening trend toward focusing on what’s wrong while completely ignoring what’s right.

This year, Dr Honos-Webb has vowed to change the entire face of ADHD. But she needs your help to get the word out.

ADD Is A Gift e-Products

If you have ever felt dejected, frustrated, hopeless and helpless because of ADHD, then it is time to take a stand.

Join Dr Honos-Webb and I today and be ready for the journey of ending the ADHD nightmare, today!

And, this is the most complete system that is available anywhere, period. Check it out here:

ADD Is A Gift e-Products
Regards, TJ Chambers

P.S. I have listened to many of the audio e-products available. It truly is life changing. I feel empowered to accomplish more and to look at my symptoms of ADHD in a different way.

I hope you will check them out.

Do you know someone that is ADHD and gifted? This is an area that needs more study into. There are spiritual and physical giftings that I just find intriguing and inspiring.

Share your story and read others. ADHD and Gifted

What do you think about this newsletter and Tell me now, I am listening.

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Here to help naturally,

TJ Chambers

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I am not a doctor. Everything I share, I gained from my personal experiences and the experiences of others.

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