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ADHD Basics Newsletter, Issue #012 -- Are People With ADHD Gifted??
February 11, 2008

I wrote a new page on asking the question, Are people with ADHD Gifted? There are two types of giftings: natural and spiritual. These are the only two types that I know of.

I have been wanting to start my search into this topic. I just happen to watch a show on t.v. and they talked about spiritually gifted children and they were also ADHD.

They said that these children had a "6th sense". Do you or your child?

This is an intriguing area and I really want to know more about yours and your children's experiences.

On this new page, I tell about 3 personal experiences of my own giftings.

Personally, I think there is a connection between special giftings and ADHD. Those ADHD gifted children on the t.v. show certainly proved it.

When a business owner friend of mine found out that I have ADHD, he said, people that have ADHD either are or close to being genius. They have to adapt to society to live like everyone else.

I know how hard it was to read and concentrate. So to accomplish it, I did 1 of 2 things: Read the book into my computer and then play it back while I followed a long. Take notes (outline) on every chapter, and then go back over the notes.

It really helped me.

To read more about this and to contribute your experiences, Click here to read the full page on ADHD Gifted

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TJ Chambers

I am not a doctor. Everything I share, I gained from my personal experiences and the experiences of others.

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