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ADHD Basics Newsletter, Issue #004 -- Dangers of Congressional Control
October 01, 2007

Ron Paul, Presidential candidate for 2008, agrees with me about the medications given to children. 3 Newsletters ago, I told you how medications cause psychosis and pharmaceutical companies profit big time. You can view it here Dangers of Medication.

Ron Paul is a doctor himself. He knows about medication and health. He also knows and says that anytime the government has control of something, things get worse. He uses examples like, there is a war on drugs, a war on terror, a war on education (no child left behind), and what happens? We have more drugs and usage in the US like never before, we have more terror, and we have more children that are under-educated (left behind).

I know that your children are important to you and that is why I would like you to read Ron Paul's article. It will educate you but also let you know that I do know what I am talking about.

I fear what these companies products do to us, so I control my symptoms naturally. If you have any questions about how to do this, please contact me.

Be ready for a lifestyle change because that is required. The only other alternative is medication.

Soon I will have a free ecourse that will walk you through this process that I took.

Here is part of Ron Paul's article and you can read the rest on his site.

Congressional Control of Health Care is Dangerous for Children

This week Congress is again grasping for more control over the health of American children with the expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). Parents who think federally subsidized health care might be a good idea should be careful what they wish for.

Despite political rhetoric about a War on Drugs, federally-funded programs result in far more teenage drug use than the most successful pill pusher on the playground. These pills are given out as a result of dubious universal mental health screening programs for school children, supposedly directed toward finding mental disorders or suicidal tendencies. The use of anti psychotic medication in children has increased fivefold between 1995 and 2002. More than 2.5 million children are now taking these medications, and many children are taking multiple drugs at one time.

With universal mental health screening being implemented in schools, pharmaceutical companies stand to increase their customer base even more, and many parents are rightfully concerned. Opponents of one such program, called TeenScreen, claim it wrongly diagnoses children as much as 84% of the time, often incorrectly labeling them, resulting in the assigning of medications that can be very damaging. While we are still awaiting evidence that there are benefits to mental health screening programs, evidence that these drugs actually cause violent psychotic episodes is mounting.

Many parents have very valid concerns about the drugs to which a child labeled as “suicidal” or “depressed,” or even ADHD, could be subjected. Of further concern is the subjectivity of diagnosis of mental health disorders. The symptoms of ADHD are strikingly similar to indications that a child is gifted, and bored in an unchallenging classroom. In fact, these programs, and many of the syndromes they attempt to screen for, are highly questionable. Parents are wise to question them.

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