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ADHD Basics Newsletter, Issue #009 -- A Book To Save Your Life
December 14, 2007

This past weekend, I started reading a book by Dr. Don Colbert, M.D. I have heard of him but never read of any of his books. What a mistake. What a life changing and educational read and I am only on Chapter 5.

If you eat or drink, this book is a must. Everything I teach on this site about dieting and nutrition is in this book. He even talks about the things I always forget.

ADHD does have a direct relation to nutrition. Someone with poor nutrition will have worse symptoms then someone with better nutrition. You can help ADHD with good nutrition and supplementation.

Once you read Dr Don Colbert's book, "What You Don't Know May Be Killing You", you will be well equipped to eat properly.

On his website, the book is $8.99. That is very cheap and you will receive a phenomenal education about nutrition. You will even be able to help your friends and family with their health problems.

I promise you that you will not regret buying this book.

He has another book called, The Bible Cure for ADD & Hyperactivity. I have not read this book yet but I would like to. Maybe I will be able to buy it soon and read it.

Here is a Q&A that I pulled off of his website.

Q. Are there any natural alternatives to ADHD medications that could help my child?

A. Yes, there are non-drug alternatives to the ADHD medications. There are ingredients that can have powerful nutritional effects for a child diagnosed with ADHD. The chart below lists the most critical ingredients for the majority of ADHD children.

You can see that these natural ingredients work together to help improve brain neurotransmittance, concentration, attention, and control of hyperactivity. There are many dietary supplements that are marketed as ADHD formulas.

To get the best results, it is very important that the right ingredients are in the children's formula you buy. Therefore, it is important to look for a product that is especially formulated for children and teens with ADHD. The combination of ingredients is important as each ingredient addresses a different facet of the symptoms and dysfunctions of ADHD.

In addition, it is important to tailor the dosage of the dietary supplements based on the severity of your child's symptoms. Some children's ADHD symptoms are not severe and may require minimum dosage to achieve relief of symptoms, whereas children with severe ADHD symptoms, especially extreme hyperactivity, may require extra dosages as needed.

Therefore, just like the prescription drugs, finding the correct dietary alternative dosage may be a "trial and error" before finding the correct dose to relieve the symptoms of ADHD.

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