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ADHD Basics Newsletter, Issue #015 -- This Breakfast Food May Cause ADHD Type Symptoms
May 26, 2008

Over the last few months I have had some of the worst ADHD symptoms. It has been a while since it was this bad. I couldn't concentrate, I couldn't focus, and my short term memory was about 20 seconds (No Joke).

I just couldn't figure out what was going on. I have some other health things that I am working on, so I thought, maybe they are all related.

I had some blood work done to check my thyroid and my hormones to see if there was an unbalance. As Dr Inge Wetzel says, if you have ADHD then you have a Thyroid problem.

My blood work came back perfect. My doctor said that he never sees blood work so good. Great! Now I don't know what is going on and neither does he. He said he would be able to figure out my problem but now he isn't sure either.

I contribute my good results to my diet and the liquid vitamin and mineral supplement. Both together really keep me healthy and functioning right.

I had to think back several months to figure out if something happened. Did I do something around then? Did I change something? The only thing I could think of was eggs. I started eating raw eggs.

I learned about the great benefits of eating raw eggs, so I started. I was eating 3 every morning.

I remember reading somewhere that I may have problems with eating eggs, but I thought that was only with cooked ones.

I stopped eating eggs, and quickly my concentration and focus and short term memory came back.

EGGS! Unbelievable. I love eggs. Now I know that if I eat them, they will cause my brain to spin.

Now I am back to functioning like I was before. This is why it is very important to either do food sensitivity testing or to keep an eye on your (or your child's) diet.

It would have been easy for me to go to a traditional doctor and be put on medication. The problem would never of been fixed. It would only cover up that I can't eat eggs.

Once I remove the eggs, I'm fine. This is also why I don't believe in magical pills.

You have to remove the thing that is causing the problem. Add what the body is missing. Give what the body needs to fuel the body.

That is pretty much what you need to do. I know this from my experience and from others.

If you haven't read the story about the mother from the UK that rescued her son from dangerous ADHD medications, then you need to read this story.

Visit the ADHD Diet Miracle Personal Story to read this very touching story of a mother's fight for her son.

Do you know someone that is ADHD and gifted? This is an area that needs more study into. There are spiritual and physical giftings that I just find intriguing and inspiring.

Share your story and read others. ADHD and Gifted

What do you think about this newsletter and Tell me now, I am listening.

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I am not a doctor. Everything I share, I gained from my personal experiences and the experiences of others.

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