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ADHD Basics Newsletter, Issue #013 -- Treatment For ADHD in Child
February 25, 2008

Most people are looking for a treatment for adhd in child. They want to know which medication is best and what is available. Some look for alternatives to medicines.

Frontline did a program called, "Medicating Kids". Excellent program. I was brought to tears many times by watching what these children and families are going through. My heart went out to them in their pain, while seeing my own symptoms, I saw myself in each their stories.

By watching this video, it rejuvenated my mission with my site. My mission is to bring awareness of the natural help that there is with ADHD. Most things that people promote as alternatives just don't work.

That is why you see people on this program say, "only medication will work". I need more people with ADHD to try the

This video is broken up into chapters. Make sure that you view the whole thing. It is about an hour and has 5 chapters.

Click this link to watch this program yourself.

Frontline: Medicating Kids.

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I am not a doctor. Everything I share, I gained from my personal experiences and the experiences of others.

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