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ADHD Basics Newsletter, Issue #002 -- Food Coloring and Hyperactivity
September 07, 2007
Today I read an article about Hyperactivity and food coloring. It says that a study was performed on children and they were giving food coloring. They noticed a dramatic increase in hyperactivity.

Is that a surprise? One of my recommendations I make to everyone is to get off of the artificial colors and ingredients.

Eliminate foods that have artificial ingredients in them. That means sodas, juices, candies, fish, and whatever has artificial on the ingredients lists. Yes, some fish has dyes. I didn't know this until my girlfriend that worked at a sushi restaurant saw the packing slip for the salmon and it said red dye #40.

When you think you are eating good and fresh, well you may not be.

Visit the page to read the complete commentary article I wrote about food coloring and hyperactivity. **********************************************************************

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