Food Coloring Causes Hyperactivity

by Tj Chambers
(Lenexa, KS)

Food Color Hyperactivity

When people contact me for help with ADHD, one of the things I tell everyone is, "Eliminate artificial colorings and ingredients from the diet".

I know that artificial ingredients cause a lot of problems for people.

I read an article today from the Associated Press that says, "Agency: Food coloring may stimulate kids".

Duh! I have been telling people to eliminate it from their diet.

The article also says that it isn't soley the dyes that are causing problems. This is why I say a total diet change. Fresh foods. Stay away from the frozen foods and processed stuff. Fresh as possible.

The article also says, "Such additives are most likely to be found in foods that we would like to see children eating less of - i.e. soft drinks, confectionery and so on - and so it reiterates the general healthy eating messages of encouraging healthier food choices".

The dyes they did testing with are the following:
"Some were given a mixture including four colorings - sunset yellow, carmoisine, tartrazine and ponceau - and sodium benzoate."

"A second group was given the preservative sodium benzoate and four colorings - sunset yellow, carmoisine, quinoline yellow and allura red."

If you want to be healthier or want your child to be healthier and calmer and alert, then this is why a complete diet change is mandatory.

The other side of things is the deficiencies and I don't mean attention. I am talking about the proper nutrition for the body.

People with ADHD are mineral deficient and need a good source of minerals. It is very difficult a good supplement that has minerals small enough and in a form usable by the body.

That is why I am having so much success with the one I am using. It is in an excellent form for the body and the minerals are small enough for the cells to assimilate them.

Change your diet, add an excellent supplement like the one I use, and feel and function better.

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Mar 22, 2015
by: Anonymous

No explanation for why artificial coloring is bad.

Sep 25, 2014
food coloring
by: Anonymous

i do not see any evidence. what specifically are the chemicals in coloring?

i understand sodium benzoate as it can release benzene which is fairly toxic but have you considered anti-oxidants and especially glutathione to remove free radicals causing toxicity?

i suspect that repessed garbage in the subconscious has affected many self-regulated activities eg immune response, inflammatory response, digestion, detoxification, hormone regulation, metabolism, circulation, energy transport/transfer etc.. and diet although helpful only addresses symptoms and not considering the brain, temperment, innate sensitivities not intolerances and attachment style within the first 6 months.

Jan 06, 2008
by: TJ Chambers

Hi Janice,

I am not sure if you contacted me already or not. I just saw your comment. The page that talks about the minerals I use is on this page.

Liquid Vitamin and Mineral

I don't say which specific brand I use, to find out, please contact me. I will share the information with you.

Dec 29, 2007
by: Janice

What minerals do you use if you dont mind sharing

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