ADHD Activity Ideas

I hope that my ADHD activity ideas help you. If you know of any others, please let me know and I will add them.

I received an email asking about group ADHD activity ideas. Here is what she commented and asked about.

"Im intrigued with your website as I am doing an assignment on ADHD at the moment. I am studying to become a teacher but need to do an activity with a classroom of adults that will inform them about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Do you have any ideas that would be helpful? Thank you for your time. Would it also be alright if I read out your lotto analogy?"
Nicole in Australia

Thank you for you comments and questions. I want my site to be intriguing, so I am glad that you found it that way. You can use any of my information that you find on this website. I ask that you mention my website in some way (this analogy from or make and wear a t-shirt with my website name on it).

The analogy she is referring to is on this page: ADHD Visual Picture

Find out what happened with Nicole's class project.

If you were using my information in a research paper or on a website, than I would ask that you use my site as a source and link back here.

Did you see the analogy about juggling? If not, please be sure to check that one out. It may be a good activity for you.

ADHD Juggling Analogy

If your activity is to make people see what it is like having adhd, you could use the juggling thing. If you don't know someone that juggles, you could do this.

Take a bunch of balls or something similar.

Take a piece of paper and put information on them, like a word or something. Pick a volunteer. Give this person the balls in their hands. Just enough to fill them so they can't hold anything else. It may be three balls in each hand. Tell them to read the information on all of them but that you are going to talk to them. Don't give the person enough time to read the information.

Start this next part right away but explain what is going to happen ahead of time. While you talk to them, have some extra balls to toss at them with information on them. Tell them that they also have to read the information on the new ball coming. So, you talking to them is new information coming at them like the balls with information. So they have to hold the other balls, read that information, while also listening to you, getting the new balls and reading that information.

You can show the group that ADHD is similar to this ball exercise. We have the information that we are reading (balls in the hand). When someone talks to us, we have more information coming. It doesn't take very long for us to become overwhelmed where we can't keep up because of all of the information.

Send me feed back on what you think about this exercise and my ADHD activity ideas. If you need a different type of exercise, send me the details. If you have any assignments or research papers, tell me what your assignment is and I will see if I can help you come up with the brilliant ADHD activity ideas you need. Give me the details, how long it is suppose to be (words or time) and so on.

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