ADHD Case Study

An ADHD Case study can be tough to study. The reason is because most of the time, someone has something to gain. This instantly skews the study towards that side.

Here is an example of what I mean. Pharmacuetical companies do their own case studies to find out what works and what doesn't. It would be obvious that their case study would lean more toward medication being the best.

You could have a doctor that is affiliated with a pharmacuetical company do a case study, and you have the same problem.

There are doctors that use bad alternative products in their case study that deliver poor results for anyone that uses them, so their conclusions will be biased and wrong.'s Privacy Policy

My Case Study

I am my own ADHD case study. I do this so that I can live better and healthier. I have nothing to gain like these other people and companies.

I have tried different vitamin products like Usana, supplements like L-Tryptophan, green food vitamin capsules, and things like this.

I didn't have any success with them. I changed my diet to a better diet and it slightly helped.

I used a specific company's liquid vitamin and mineral supplement, and wow, it changed my life.

I could concentrate, sleep, focus, and even feel good. Other similar products just don't seem to do this same thing.

I tried this out on my roomate also. Without a diet change, he tried this liquid vitamin and he had the same results, in 1 day.

He said that he went right to sleep that night when usually he has to watch tv for 3 hours before he can sleep. He also noticed that he was able to concentrate and focus at work the next day and wasn't able to do that before.

ADHD Case Study Results

I still use this product and still have great results. I am able to read and comprehend what I am reading. People can't tell that I have ADHD when before, they got irritated because I would never sit still.

I am willing to bet that others would have the same results if the used the same product and had a better diet.

Mother of 6 Year Old ADHD/Autistic Boy

I don't feel it is good enough to share just my story so I want to share another one. I shared what I have been doing with a mother of a 6 year old ADHD/Autistic boy to see what kind of results she would get. Well, its very similar to mine.

Here is her story of the life changing experience Grateful for help with my ADHD Autistic Son

ADHD Diet Miracle

This story is from a mother of a son with ADHD and Aspergers in the UK. She used supplements and the Feingold diet to help her son get off his medication. He went from be a nightmare of a child to.... You can read about it here Personal Story of the ADHD Diet Miracle

Victory over ADHD

This story comes in a different form. Its in a book. This ADHD mother had twin ADHD sons. It was a nightmare situation and it was only getting worse. This mother searched long and hard for answers and help. It was a long journey and struggle but she was able to drastically change their lives. Check out the book Victory Over ADHD

The author of that book also writes articles for this website. View her page here Deborah Merlin

Thats all the case studies for now. There is a lot to be learned from just these few people.'s Privacy Policy

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