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Hi, I am TJ Chambers and thank you for taking the time to visit my site and this page to learn more about me. I decided to take a page and write more about myself so you can learn about me and who I am.

I was born, raised, and lived in New Castle, Delaware for 23 years. Then I moved to the Kansas City area in 2001 where I currently live. I met a girl here and have been married (2009) for 7 years.

I found out that I had ADHD when I was 18 but I really don't have a clue why it took so long. I think back about times where I was very hyperactive and impulsive and I don't know why someone didn't realize I had ADHD. I talked a lot in class even when teachers told me to stop. I had problems with waiting to open Christmas presents so I would search the house and find them to see everything my parents purchased. I even looked in the trunk of the car to find the others that were hidden.

I was quite determined.

I remember times that I struggled with school work, memorization, reading, and tests. That should have alerted someone but I usually had good grades so maybe that is why it wasn't noticed. I remember talking about other children that were hyperactive and calling the ADD, but never considered that to be me

I started seeing a counselor in 1996, a few months before graduating high school. I had a lot of family problems with an abusive alcoholic father and I was carrying a lot in my mind and wanted someone to talk to.

She wanted me to see a Psychiatrist for an evaluation. The doctor was a psychiatrist and did some testing.

Sure enough, I had ADHD.

I took some medication (concerta and prozac) for a couple months and decided to stop because I didn't like taking them.

Over the years, after I was out of high school, I had a hard time trying to figure out, "What do I want to do?" and to keep a job. It was tough because I get so bored with jobs that I worked. So I went from job to job to job. I lost count of how many, but I worked something like 25 + jobs before I was 27, and most of them were before I was 21.

I finally decided to take some college classes in 2005 and I wanted to see if I could get special help for ADHD.

I went to a doctor, tried a couple meds, like Adderall, and decided not to take them anymore. Again, I hated how I felt taking them and knew it wasn't right. I had this vibrating, stimulated feeling. Maybe it is the same if someone took too much caffeine. I was able to focus and otherwise felt a lot better. I'm glad I made this decision because I have learned that is how it starts but goes downhill from there.

My first semester, I took a COMP I class. In this class for my final paper, I wrote a research paper on ADHD. This is where I started to rediscover myself while reading all about ADHD. I thought about different situations over the years of my life where I have struggled real bad with ADHD and could have used some help.

The fact alone that I was in my mid 20's and I didn't know what to do for a job and move from job to job was a big problem.

Through this research, I learned a lot about alternative treatments that I never heard of. I decided to pursue some alternatives to help myself.

Many of the alternatives didn't do anything for me.

This is where many people give up. I knew I could improve my situation naturally.

This lead me down a path where I have met some amazing people. Not everyone had the answers but each person played a part. Some people just connected me to the right people that taught me so much.

Many years ago, I started using a Liquid Vitamin. It completely changed my life. I have since changed my approach and addressing all the underlying issues causing my symptoms and helping my body to be restored to full health.

The next thing I really needed was to control my ADHD symptoms with Diet. The supplements helped but my diet wasn't right and made some of my symptoms worse.

I realized that there are so many people suffering and they don't know what to do or where to go. I wanted to share my story and the information I have discovered with everyone that I could. I was limited to the hours I had in a day and people I could meet and talk with.

I decided to start building in 2006 to share what I have been learning.

Here I am with a website now, helping you and helping hundreds of thousands of people around the world. People write me and tell me how my website has changed their life. Like how I saved their marriage, they can concentrate with natural alternatives, I relieve them from so much stress because their child has improved so much with natural supplements, others say they no longer need my help because their son is off medications and doing very well, and so on.

I am not a doctor but I love to help people. I research information available on ADHD, write about what I discover and learn, and I try alternative methods to see how it impacts myself and others.

When I see that things work myself and for others too, then I know that it really works.

Thats My story and I hope that you know me better.

If you want to know what supplements I use and suggest, signup for my free course Improve Your Health with Supplements.

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Feel free to contact me,

TJ Chambers