ADHD Sleep Disorders - ADHD Insomnia

ADHD sleep disorders affect the best (and worst) of us. ADHD and sleep don't seem to go well together. We seem to suffer with some kind of ADHD insomnia. This can be for many reasons and as I covered the in the video, I think I left one off and I will talk about that on this page. That is about the effects of medication.

As I discussed in the video, one of the reasons people with ADHD have problems with sleep is the energy level. We tend to have more energy and stay up late at night and wake up late. For most jobs, this wont work and there is a way to help this.

The extra energy levels may come from a die that has sugar in it or to much carbs. Sugar is extremely bad for someone with ADHD. Carbs turn into sugar, so if someone with ADHD has to many carbs, then they will have a lot of sugar.

There can be certain things effecting the person that is causing symptoms, like chocolate, gluten, casein, or other ingredients in food.

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So, eat a proper diet and eat a good amount of protein and the right amount of carbs (fruit & vegetables) for your body. Only you can determine that. If you eat some fruit and you feel fine to only eat more and then can't concentrate or focus and get hyperactive, then you have eaten more than you can handle.

One of the other things that causes ADHD sleep disorders is medication. People with ADHD are prescribed stimulant medication. Stimulants are "speed". They make people have ADHD insomnia, so then a doctor has to prescribe a sleep medication.

When the medication wears off, people usually fall asleep. Hopefully it wears off early enough though, which it doesn't in all cases.

There are many other problems that come along with these medications which are discussed on the medication pages.

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