Causes of ADHD

What are the causes of adhd and what causes adhd symptoms to be out of control? Can they be helped?

Lets explore this topic and look at some of the various causes. Many people treat ADHD like its a disease. They think it is something that needs to be "cured" by some kind of medication and then it goes away.

I have been researching ADHD for a long time and trying many different things to reduce the symptoms.

You see, I have ADHD so I am my own guinea pig. I know when I do something and how I feel as a result. Also, people I work with have similar results when they do what I do.

There are books, new and old, that come to the same or similar conclusions. So when you read some information and some doctor disagrees with what I say, just keep that in mind. Also note that I don't know you, your family, or your situation so I can't replace your doctor's recommendations.

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I grouped the causes of ADHD into 3 categories. If you don't know which category of ADHD is causing the problem, you are trying to help it with the wrong solution and by default, it will not work.

For example, let's say that there is a gluten intolerance and you try a supplement that is for the brain or hyperactivity. As long as you feed the body gluten, nothing is going to help. The answer is to get the gluten out of the diet.

I want to help you understand the 3 categories of causes. I took my many years of research and thousands of dollars in trials with supplements and educational materials into the information below. I used to sell this information but I decided to make it free to everyone.

Not only do I reveal the 3 causes but I also share solutions to the problems.

These 3 audio files for you to listen to and download are part of the 3 Causes of ADHD Symptoms informational product I was selling for $19.95. I decided to make them available to the public for free as I want people to learn how to help reduce ADHD symptoms naturall. The interview with Debora Merlin was a bonus for those that purchased it. The 3 Causes of ADHD Symptoms audio was made back in 2012. I have learned many new things since creating this that I just didn't have time to update yet. If you hear me mention some liquid supplement I used that helped, I stopped using that many years ago as it no longer helped me and the company was discontinuing the product. You will learn a lot of valuable information from these audios and find some tips to begin implementing.

These are not to be redistributed in any way without prior permission. Feel free to share this page with others that need to hear this

Empower Your Actions With Your Mind

This audio is important because the way you think and interact with your emotions can empower you to make the needed changes or destroy any hope and opportunity to make the change you desire. Don't skip this thinking, ah, I don't need that. Please go through this and continue to the next 2.

Right click on the link and choose save link as and then save it to your computer. Audio Download Link

3 Causes of ADHD Symptoms

This audio is where I discuss the 3 causes, or 3 categories of causes that I grouped everything into. Even though this was made in 2012, there is a lot of valuable information that you will learn a lot from and things you can start working on today.

Right click on the link and choose save link as and then save it to your computer. Audio Download Link

Interview with Debora Merlin

This is the interview with myself, TJ Chambers and Deborah Merlin (Author of "Victory over ADHD"). She is an adult with ADHD but also raised twin boys with ADHD. We talk about things to change in your child's diet. We specifically discuss how to take your child's diet from a completely unhealthy diet to a transition diet with heatlhy and healthier foods.

It is difficult to get your child to eat healthy, so we share some tips on integrating healthy foods they will like.

We also discuss some causes of symptoms and what to do about it. One of the things we mention is what causes ear infections and how to get rid of the problem. It also is one of the things that could be causing ADHD symptoms.

Right click on the link and choose save link as and then save it to your computer. Interview Audio Download Link

Deborah Merlin’s Book – Victory Over ADHD

Dr Mercola’s Interview Discussing Heavy/Light Metals

Gluten Tests

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