Omega 3 ADHD and Fish Oil

When taking omega 3 ADHD symptoms lessen? There was a study that seems to answer this question with a yes. The thing to understand is that our body needs fat (lipids). If we don't get enough of it, then our body can't function the way it is suppose to.

This deficiency can really show up in a lot of ways. I don't even think that we can know all the ways it affects us. If you take a person with ADHD, put them on omega 3 fish oil, and the start to improve, then that tells you they need the fat.

My dentist has ADHD. He asks me about how to help his ADHD and we talk about it. He decided to start taking Omega 3. He went out and bought the cheap store brand (I don't recommend this) and started taking a bunch every day.

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He and his staff noticed a huge difference in his attitude. They were happy about this improvement and now make sure he does take his fish oil every day.

Omega 3 is only a small part of the whole picture of helping ADHD. I have a lot of other pages that talk about the different aspects.

Omega 3 From Flaxseed Oil

Some people say that flaxseed oil is a perfect substitution for fish oil. I'm not sure if it is or not but I know people that use it.

I think the Eniva Corporation explains it best with this:

Although Omega-3s can be found in high concentration in plant material (such as flax) the body must convert these "upstream" Omega-3s into the most active Omega-3s: EPA and DHA.

Most experts agree this conversion of upstream dietary Omega-3s (such as ALA) for the average (non-pregnant) individual is between 1-10%, dependent upon metabolite. In addition, increased age, digestive challenges, ill health and poor quality plant oil can lower this rate even further.

As such, almost all agree that direct supplementation with the active Omega-3 metabolites EPA and DHA are the best way to supplement one's diet.

    Remember, the two prime Omega-3s that are most important to health are EPA and DHA.

  • EPA and DHA are virtually absent in vegetable sources of Omega-3s
  • To obtain EPA and DHA in substantial quantities, we must turn to marine (fish) sources

They put it very well, so I used their information. I will revisit this information at some point when I look more into flaxseed oil. If it is something you really want to use instead of fish oil, I say go for it.

Learn about the omega 3 softgel capsule that I recommend.

Omega 3 Softgel

I hoped that I helped you with your search for omega 3 ADHD and fish oil. If you have any questions about Omega 3 ADHD, see the form below and post your questions and comments.

TJ Chambers

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