Adults With ADD or ADHD
ADHD Adult Woman

Children are not the only ones with ADHD. There are adults with add or adhd also. Some say that children tend to grow out of ADHD but I don't believe it.

I think what happens is that when children become adults, some eat better and see improvements while others just forget about having ADHD and just live life, which in most cases, they suffer but don't realize it.

Some think that ADHD effects boys only since they are the ones that are always hyper. It affects girls to. In fact, an ADHD Adult Woman wrote the best book on ADHD that I have read and you will learn about her below.

What Is Adult ADHD?

Adult ADHD is an adult with the symptoms of ADHD. That is problems with concentration, attention, hyperactivity, or impulsivity.

Symptoms of Adult ADHD

The symptoms of ADHD are put into 3 categories. These are listed in the DSM IV. The categories are Inattention and Hyperactivity with Impulsivity or the combination of all 3. To learn all about this, visit the ADHD Symptoms page

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Diagnosing Adult ADHD

Only doctors can diagnose ADHD. They use tests with behavioral questions to see if one has the behavior of ADHD. I have a test just like this on my website that you can check out to see if you have these tendencies. It wont give a diagnoses but it will give you a good idea.

Self Test for Adult ADHD

Use this free online assessment for Adult ADHD Just wait till you see the behavioral statements on there. Every time I read it, I see more of myself that I didn't know was ADHD.

ADHD Adult Woman

There are women as well as men with ADHD. Women may experience symptoms differently or the same as men. A woman may be shy, reserved, and careless while not realizing she has ADHD. Because this type of behavioral isn't noticeable like hyperactivity, it tends to go unnoticed.

My wife is a lot like this. She deals with mood swings, memory problems, continually mis placing things, she is shy and reserved and careless. I think she has ADHD without the hyperactivity be she wont admit it. Then again, it just may be from her diet because she can sit down and read thick books with no problems.

Deborah Merlin is an ADHD adult woman and the mother of twin ADHD boys (actually, they are grown up now). She wrote the finest book about ADHD. You can learn more about her, her book, and articles she wrote on this page. Deborah Merlin

That may be another aspect of it, not able to admit the "problem".

Thanks for reading my page on adults with add or adhd.

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