ADHD Boarding Schools and ADHD Schools

When considering sending your child to ADHD boarding schools, you may wonder if you really should. If your child needs the help and you find good ADHD schools to choose from, it could be very beneficial.

Let me tell you about friends of mine. There were children, a boy and a girl, that were friends with a family that had 2 girls around the same age.

The children were all friends. The boy and girl had a mother that abused drugs and brought men around that abused the children. The children were taken from the mother and the family with the 2 girls took them in as foster children.

They were both good children but had a lot of psychological problems and were heavily medicated (can you expect anything else from the government?). The boy was a little violent at times but he was about 9-10 years old, so he could be controlled physically.

It wasn't long before he started getting his growth spurt and things got worse. He was sent away for a couple years. I don't know if it was a boarding school or some kind of home with professional mental health doctors.

He still got into trouble there, and fought with the other children. What else do you expect from a house full of troubled boys?

This story is continued below the video. Information about the schools are also below, towards the bottom of the page.

Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson gives a lecture about how schools kill creativity and talks about an ADHD girl that becomes famous and makes millions of dollars because she was put in the right school for her talent.

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His time there really helped him out. He eventually moved back home and I haven't heard about him having 1 violent "episode". He is in highschool and been back for a couple years. If he was to have a violent episode now, as big as he is as compared to then, it would not be good.

I said all that to say, sometimes sending a troubled child away can help them out in amazing ways. That is what you will have to explore.

In another situation, my nephew is a troubled ADHD teen. He lies all the time which has gotten him into a lot of trouble (talks about how he sells drugs and stores them in his closet and he has guns which none is true). He steals from his mom and other relatives and then says he didn't do it. He was never sent away and his future is not looking very good.

I have not investigated any of these schools, so I don't know of their credibility or validity. I am just providing a listing so that you have some options to research.

ADHD Schools

Mills Springs Academy was recommended by a parent of an ADHD child. He said his son is doing very well in the school. He also mentioned The Cottage School.

Mill Springs Academy (In Georgia)

Mill Springs Academy is a values-based educational community dedicated to the academic, physical and social growth of those students who have not realized their full potential in traditional classroom settings.

"...if a student can't learn the way we teach ... we should teach the way a student can learn." --Tweetie L. Moore, Founder

This is a promo for their annual fund drive but it will allow you to see some of the things the school offers

Note: This video was removed by the account holder.

The Cottage School (In Georgia)

Building a sense of self for students with special learning needs through academic and experiential programming, The Cottage School prepares individuals for fulfillment of their true potential as confident, productive, and independent adults.

ADHD Boarding Schools

Turning Winds Academic Institute (in Montana)

Turning Winds Academic Institute provides a structured, academic, self-discovering and therapeutic program for teens between the ages of 12 and 18. Private ADHD Boarding School (their other website)

Stone Mountain School (in North Carolina)

Stone Mountain boarding school for boys is a long-term residential school in an outdoors environment that is geared to help families of boys with emotional issues or behavioral problems. Stone Mountain boarding school for boys specializes in pre-adolescent and teen boys with learning differences or disabilities, attention deficit disorder (ADD), or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). ADHD Boarding School for boys

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