A Child Explains - ADHD Is Real - Not An Excuse

by TJ

flickr.com user amandalyndorner

flickr.com user amandalyndorner

So often I hear people say or see people write about how ADHD is an excuse. They believe that no one suffers with the symptoms and it is an excuse to get away with not paying attention, not being able to focus on work or school work, having a hard time sitting still and being quiet, or the other symptoms we deal with.

I'm an adult with ADHD and I also grew up with it. I know first hand what it is like. I came across an article where a child, MIkaylee, shares from her point of view.

I can’t count how many times adults have made say things like that (sorry, my fault). The people who made me apologize thought I wasn’t trying and that I was just a bad kid. After a while, I started to believe it too.

ADHD isn’t an excuse, it’s part of who you are. But people who don’t understand what it’s like to have ADHD may not know that.

Exactly. Its easy to judge someone else without ever having to suffer with their symptoms. Looking from the outside and saying, you just need to be beat and you will straighten up, shows this attitude she is speaking of. "You are a bad person and need to be fixed".

There are things that make our symptoms worse, like to many carbs and simple carbs like sweets. Also things like being deficient in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids.

When I was younger, school was a place filled with people who didn't understand. My teachers would punish me for talking out of turn and not sitting still. Sometimes I'd even be in trouble for screaming or crying.

It didn’t take long for the other kids to realize there was something different about me. I didn’t have friends and I got bullied a lot.

For breakfast, most people eat carbs. Worse than that, they eat simple carb cereals that have all kinds of bad side effects. There is the spike in blood sugar which will result in a slump after it comes down. With the spike comes hyperactivity, increased impulsivity, focus and attention problems.

It really is difficult to control this unless a proper diet is adhered too. Teachers that give out treats to students are usually simple carb sweets. It really makes life difficult for a person with ADHD.

While changing the diet helps, it isn't the only thing that is needed.

One of the things Mikaylee needed was to be at a school where she could be understood and helped. Her parents helped her find a new school and start.

Though I could never get those years of hurt feelings and mean words back, they could help me have a better future. After a lot of searching the web and asking around, my mom found Bridges Middle School. Bridges is a place for kids with learning disabilities like ADHD, dyslexia, and much more. Now I have friends, good grades, and am really happy.

You can read Mikaylee's full story at ADHDKidsRock.com.

Comment below of your experience with ADHD. Was it a problem for you like it was for her or something you can easily control?

flickr.com user amandalyndorner

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