Bonding With Your Child Utilizing Proven Practice At Home Therapies

by Kathi

Taking a child or adult relative to a conventional medical doctor almost always brings home another prescription. Do you really want to keep your family member "drugged up" all the time? When does the part of treatment kick in if all they try to do is mask those undesirable symptoms every single day?

More and more often, people are beginning to realize the limitations conventional medicine is inflicting on their lifestyle. Sure, it's nice - have a headache, pop an aspirin - the pain goes away. But in some cases, the situation is more serious than just that simple headache. Why can't the doctor realize we want more than just an aspirin - a pseudo band-aid!

Many people are sitting up now and taking notice working with conventional medicine AND alternative (complementary) medicine is a smarter way to go. Sure, the "band-aid effect" is nice and comfortable initially upon diagnosis but many want the long term goals of a brighter future for their relative also.

So, conventional medicine offers drugs - what can complementary medicine offer you and your entire family?

Therapy programs are available all over the different specialties in alternative medicine. Some rely on dietary changes, some on speech therapy, social interaction, vitamin and mineral balance, plus many more advanced treatments which need to be handled by a qualified specialist in their field.

Not every program works for every individual though. The same way some people use Tylenol, others use aspirin, and some prefer ibuprofen etc., we all have our favorite likes or dislikes. Alternative therapies are the same.

But what about at home possibilities? Often what a doctor suggests from the office, the family is not always capable of following through in an at-home therapy program. And yet, many people want that all-important connection with their child to grow and nurture so they can become a contributing member to the family.

Try following a few of these suggestions to aid your entire family to help the child (or adult) with ADHD (or ADD) while the "teacher" also learns the benefits, love and compassion the child with ADHD has to offer to their family.

  • Laughter Is The Best Medicine
  • Measured Breathing Exercises
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Finding Your "Special Place"
  • Music Therapy
  • Exercise And Sports

All of these are simple do it at-home programs you can follow right from your own home, school or work environment. These can help your loved one learn to become a true valued member of their family in their mind's eye also. Instilling confidence, independence and a sense of self-worth is one of the best attributes you can ever give to another family member or any human being themselves.

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