Discovery of ADHD brings comfort

by Juliana Morales
(Bedford, TX)

I have always had friends, heard of celebrities, this person, that girl, hell, even my brother was diagnosed with ADHD (though I discovered this only when older; my dad decided against medication).

It was ignorant of me to never think that if it was in my family, then maybe I had it to. I never thought of myself as having "a condition". Maybe I did not want to label myself. I don't know about then.
But I know NOW that I am experiencing a sense of peace in thinking that I may after all have ADHD. I still haven't gone to the doc yet but want to soon. I always felt such great frustration in thinking that I could never get things done, that there were so many things requiring my attention, that whatever I was doing at the moment, no matter how important, needed to be replaced by something else even more so; that I was "slow, easily distracted and forgetful."
Until now, whenever I heard of such descriptions of myself, I would fall into depression because I did not know how to fix it, no matter how hard I tried.
Now the world is before me and all I need to do is discover the different methods used in controlling this condition. That there is hope after all for ME....well, that's just it then. There is.

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Jul 18, 2014
Don't be hard on yourself
by: TJ Chambers

The first thing you don't want to do is be to hard on yourself. You already struggle with enough.

You are coming to the realization that something is different about you but that you can improve yourself. This is a good thing.

Many people, like you mentioned, feel that saying they have ADHD or a condition, means there is something wrong with them. Parents tend to think this same way about their children so they wont look any further.

It isn't about that at all. It just means there is something happening in your body and your body is telling you to look into it. Just like a car. They have alarms, bells, dings, lights, symbols, etc that let you know when something is needed or something needs to be checked on.

It doesn't mean that the car is junk and needs to be thrown away.

So try to look at it that way. Your body is telling you something is missing, or something inside is needed, or has to be removed. You make the adjustments and see what happens.

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