Help with a Grocery List for ADHD Diet

by susie
(lytle texas)

I need a grocery list for my 7 yr. old child with ADHD

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Apr 07, 2010
What to eat
by: TJ Chambers

When you eat yourself or buying and preparing food for your family, you want to keep this in mind. Eat what would be naturally occurring if we didn't have the modern life that we have today.

Just understand that a lot of food has been changed or genetically modified. So be careful of that.

You want fresh foods, not processed. Most things that come in a box, can, bag, etc are processed and loaded with additives and bad things.

Fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, some fish, meat like beef, buffalo, lamb, chicken, turkey, etc. You can also prepare fresh grains by either cooking on low heat and adding some butter, seasoning, or sprouting them. check out recipes at

Eliminate sugar and other sweeteners. Eliminate dairy. Eliminate gluten.

Apr 07, 2010
adhd diet
by: Deborah Merlin

No food made with artificial food coloring ( or aspartame.
Try alternatives to wheat such as rice bread.
Does your child have ear infections? If so, avoid all dairy. Almond milk is a great alternative.
Try to buy organic. Buy real whole food and avoid process foods as much as possible. Also, give your son a good quality multi vitamin (not flintstones!!!)
Check put more on my website

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