I need desperate help!

by Roxy

Hi! Your site is VERY helpful. I just took the ADHD Assessment Test on your site, and got 57. I really do think I have it, since a lot of symptoms I read online match exactly to how I am.
I am a freshmen in college...I have ALWAYS had trouble staying focused, but didn't think much of it, Until now. I think its starting to get worse...It takes me hours and hours to do my homework or assignment..it takes me a while to understand something that any other person would understand right away. I spend sooo much time doing my assignments.homework, I don't really LEARN anything. I just do them, mindlessly.I am also constantly fidgeting, playing with my fingers, doodling in my notebook, or daydreaming...about all the stuff I have to do.

I'm not dumb or anything, I am in Calculus and this is my second time taking it, but it has not gotten any easier. Math is ALWAYS a struggle for me..so is science. I see a problem, get intimidated, skip it.
I had a meeting with my college counselor today, and I asked him about getting tested for ADD. He said he didn't think I had it because I seemed to listen to everything he said instead of jumping from topic to topic, but If I wanted to get tested, I can.
If you ask my mom, she'll agree..I talk A LOT for no reason, and when I talk, I'm not really conveying a message. I just talk. I'm always jumping from one task to another etc.

I don't know what to do..Should I move forward with getting tested?

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Nov 11, 2011
Get tested
by: TJ Chambers

Hi Roxy,

I accidentally deleted a bunch of emails, so I didn't get to respond but good thing you messaged here too.

Here is the purpose for testing. Doctors test you to see if you have ADHD for the purpose of putting you on drugs.

Thats it.

If you want medication, then you have to be tested.

If you don't want medication, then you have to understand the 3 causes of out of control ADHD symtpoms.

One of the problems with your situation is that you are in college. So you may have limited money and eat bad foods. Doctors will say this isn't true, but eating the wrong foods will make your symptoms worse if your symptoms are the result of diet.

The 3 causes of out of control ADHD symptoms goes into detail of this.

So with limited funds, you might not be able to do what you need to about your symptoms except to get medication. But you also need to consider the risks which are severe.

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Hi TJ,
Glad to hear of your involvement in educating others. We need as many people as possible to carry the torch of health to others. Keep up the good work!

Jay Robb

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