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Welcome to the ADHD Survival Guide Newsletter. I have been studying ADHD for quite a few years. I, myself, have ADHD so this makes the situation even more unique then those so called specialist who look at it as an outsider.

I have tried many things to reduce my ADHD symptoms. I have been very successful at reducing my symptoms to almost nothing. I do this without medication.

I learn new and great things all the time about ADHD.

These are the things I share in my ADHD newsletter.

I also talk about my personal life and how different things affect me like food, ingredients, life situations, and these kinds of things.

Why should you care about how things affect me? Because it probably affects you, or your loved one in the same exact way.

What subscribers say about the newsletter.

I look forward to your newsletter -- I have a 8 year boy, that has adhd w/ behavior disorder, and I'm always looking for anything I can do to help w/ understand the problem. That last newsletter w/ too much sugar help me out - we are trying to eat less sugar and more protein.

Barbara C

I agree to the fact that "you can't find help like this anywhere".. I have sent a couple of people with ADHD to your website and they are amazed at your free information. :-)

Annette Tush

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I'm great at simply explaining things. When I share with you the details of how my body reacts to things, then you will be able to understand how your or your loved one's body reacts.

Then you can watch it take place right before you eyes. For example, sugar makes a persons brain wired and others, their body also. So, you give an ADHD child some sugar, you will see a roller coaster ride.

The blood sugar goes up, the person is hyperactive, happy, excited, unable to focus and concentrate, and then it goes down. The person then gets moody, depressed, angry, and still can't concentrate or focus.

If you want to be kept up to date with this site, new and old information that I come across, then sign up for the ADHD Basics Newsletter.

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