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I want to welcome you to the ADHD Message Boards & ADHD Forums. I hope you find this useful and what you are looking for. It is very simple to post questions and receive answers.

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Apr 17, 2011
Remove Wheat, Dairy, & Soy
by: Christin

I found my son had great improvment in his ADHD when we removed ALL wheat, dairy, and soy. I've tried a lot of things over the year hand this worked to best. I blog about it here http://adhdfoods.blogspot.com/.

Apr 08, 2010
ADHD Diet Help
by: Tj Chambers

Hi Jodie, you posted your comment to the wrong thread. You should have started a new topic.

Go here for Diet information http://www.adhdawareness.com/control-ADHD-with-diet.html

and here for more specifics


Its not about only removing gluten. Its about eating fresh live foods while removing irritants like dairy, sugar, gluten, etc.

Take a look at this diet that didn't have a lot of gluten but was terrible.


Here is information on the Liquid Vitamin and mineral supplement that I use.


I will warn you, its a great product but is not a "magic pill". Some people have a hard time taking it because of the taste. You can mix it in smaller doses with purple grape juice to help hide the taste. I did this with my brother and it worked. I think I mixed a 1/2 oz of the vitamin with juice, I don't remember. The other option would have been to mix 1/4 oz of the vitamin instead of 1/2 oz if a smaller dosage was needed or the taste was still to strong.

Apr 08, 2010
help for my 6 year old
by: Jodie

i have a 6year old son who has ADHD. His school has been asking us to put him on med's since he was 4.
We have an appointment next week to see about putting him on med's and i am agonizing over it.
Is there people that have had a high success rate treating with a gluten free diet?
I also need to know a good liquid vitamin to start him on.

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