15 Ways To Know If You Have ADHD

by TJ

from YT video How to know if you have ADHD user nigahiga

from YT video How to know if you have ADHD user nigahiga

If you want to know if you have ADHD, this is a funny and entertaining video discussing this. As an adult with ADHD, I find myself doing many of the things talked about in the video.

I enjoyed the entertaining way this information was presented which can at times become dull and boring.

The video has more than 15, so if you want them all, make sure to watch. Otherwise, see the list of 15 below.

How Many Can You Relate To?

1. Can't Remember A Name 5 Seconds After Hearing It

Meet someone new and 5 seconds after hearing their name, you forgot.

2. When Reading, You Keep Reading The Same Pages

When reading and trying to focus really hard, a few pages later you can't remember reading anything and wonder how you got to that page.

3. You Put More Focus On Facial Features Than Listening

When talking to someone you put more focus on trying to figure out which eye you should look at or is it the nose, forgetting about listening to what they are saying.

4. People tell you to stop moving.

You don't realize you aren't sitting still until someone says, stop shaking your leg, tapping, moving your head to or singing songs that aren't there but playing in your head.

5. You Travel Through Time

You take a 5 minute break and realize its an hour later.

6. You Might Have To Remind Yourself To Smile With Other People

You get so engaged with all the thoughts in your mind that you forget you are with other people.

7. Must Multitask While On The Phone

You may find yourself doing 20 other things while on the phone and even forget to listen to listen to the person on the other end.

8. The Most Productive Time Is Right Before The Time Its Due

You rush to get to appointments, getting projects completed, studying for test, at the last minute. The pressure helps you hyperfocus.

9. Indecisive

You can't figure out what to get off the menu until the waiter is waiting on you and you make a choice because of the pressure.

10. A Lot Of Incomplete Projects

You find yourself jumping from 1 thing to the next rarely completing anything.

11. You Leave The Room To Get Something But Come Back Without It

When you leave the room to go get something, you come back with other things you didn't leave to get and forgot to get the item you left for.

12. You Freak You Because You Can't Find Something

You are running around frantically looking for something and can't find it to discover later you had it in your hand all along.

13. Can't Remember If You Are Coming Or Going

You can't remember if you were coming in a room or leaving, going up the stairs or coming down.

14. Your Texts Don't Make Sense

Your texts have what you wanted to say mixed with what someone else is saying to you, or what you are hearing on the radio or tv.

15. You Use A lot of Shampoo

You have a hard time remembering if you washed your hair or not so you keep washing it just to make sure.

What do you think about the things mentioned in the video? Do you do them? Comment below and be sure to share this with your friends and family!

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