Adderal can be helpful

by Liz Loyd
(Vicksburg, MS, USA)

With my ADHD i don't even need something to happen to distract me from normal tasks. I've always been the person to randomly zone out or start day dreaming. I've been in conversations then minutes later, i zone out and drift into my own mind, but not purposely at all.

I didn't make very good grades in high school. I don't know if it was that I didn't care or my ability to stay focused was very limited. I'm 24 years old and was put on Adderall a year ago due to the fact I am a full time student in college and I got a full time job at that point.

Needless to stay, I certainly didn't posses the ability to stay fully focused all day every day. Adderal has helped me tremendously. I make all A's because i can study and actually learn the materials instead of just memorize them. I don't drift off in the middle of talking to people.

I can work better because I finish one task at a time instead of getting side tracked on 5 different things. I all around learn better. I don't think it is for everyone though. I don't agree with putting small children on stimulants, especially ones that have significant growing to do. I've taken adderall before and gone to the doctor's office not even 2 hours later, where they checked my blood pressure and heart rate and its always normal.

Not once has my blood pressure or heart rate increased because of adderall. I'm on 30 mg per day, and I actually took a one and a half hour nap only 3 hours after taking my meds. Days i don't have to do any school work or studying or work (usually Saturday) I don't even take my meds, so I don't think I even have a physical dependency.

In other words, I think Adderall can be very helpful to those who really need it and take it as prescribed and only when necessary, and of course under the supervision of a doctor. I think many of the behavioral problems might not necessarily arise from the actual medication itself.

People experience different health problems and behavioral problems throughout their lives that might possibly arise from something else or the way the adderall reacted with the unknown circumstance.

Plus all people are made up differently. We react differently to different substances or circumstances. Just because some people experience bad reactions to the drug doesn't mean everyone is going to and vise versa. My baby brother was on adderall and if anyone is ADHD, he is. He took it for over 8 years then stopped as soon as he turned 18 and he had no problems coming off Adderall, where as others who have taken it that long have horrible side effects coming off the medicine.

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