Adderall is great! And I have to have it!

by Megan

I ave been taking adderall for 4 months. I started taking 20mg of the XR however it was much to expensive at $160 a month. So I went to the generic tablet form the second month.

The only draw back is having to remember to take the second dose in the afternoon. I haven't had a big problem doing this as I can feel when the first dose starts to wear off.

I get a bit tired and hungry so my body lets me know when it is time. I was diagnosed with combination ADHD at 16 yet refused treatment. At 25 it seems to have gotten worse with the added stress and responsibility of life and education. I used to be EXTREMELY forgetful, to the point I would miss place my car keys almost daily.

I would forget what people said a few minutes or even seconds after they said it. I could not retain information with out repeated exposure. I would at times have to read a single sentence in a book sometimes five times just to receive it. Now I remember more than anyone I know.

I can process information immediately and quickly. I can get things done and do them in a very organized manner. I suffered with extreme fatigue for several years prior to starting the medication and now I never do. I would become exhausted at 1:00pm in the afternoon and have to take naps a lot.

I ate impulsively and lacked motivation to do the simplest things such as take a shower, or do laundry. Now my life has changed and so have I dramatically. I feel as though I can reach my full potential and accomplish anything and everything.

I can get more done in one day than I used to do in a week. I do have insomnia at times if I drink coffee or take my second dose late in the day, however I can now take a dose and go back to sleep for a few hours if I want to sleep in.

If I miss a day of taking it by choice I do crash a bit, sleeping most of the day and eating a lot. Some people say they don't take it on the weekends which I do not recommend. I can't function well if I don't take it and get irritable as well.

I also take zoloft which seems to help with the nervousness or anxiety adderall causes some people. The only major draw backs that I have experienced are extremely dry skin, picking obsessively at the dry skin sometimes until it bleeds.

I have always been a picker though. Always picking and biting my nails and dry skin even as a kid so I think the picking isn't necessarily due to the drugs, however I become so focused on it when I do it it becomes hard to stop. I'm sure if I drank tons of water that would help however it's hard to do this because adderall makes you urinate a lot.

That's the second drawback I have had. I have to pee ALL THE TIME! Sometimes I have to sit on the toilet for a few minutes and just wait for more to come out otherwise I will just be back in the bathroom ten min later. Other than those two things I have had no other real negative side affects.

I can work harder and longer, I am SO MUCH more productive and happy. I still drink my morning coffee and have my wine when I want. My house is cleaner and I make more money. My family is in denial and thinks that adderall is some devil drug but that's the ignorant for you, always fearing the unknown.

I have not lost any weight, in fact I have put on a little weight due to my being layed off and eating mostly fast food and sitting around the house on the computer job hunting. I recommend adderall to anyone that truly needs it. I never abuse it and do not have the desire to. I do not feel addicted to the drug nor crave it. I simply need it to be "normal." Good luck and God bless.

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Aug 26, 2016
Does Adderall make your scalp itch??
by: Shelly

I just started 20MG of Adderall my scalp won't stop itching but I have had to change shampoos alot due to itchy scalp. Now though it seems localized to the top crown part of my head on back highest part. Itches severly, at first I had a tic of wiping at my mouth. That has gone but now I need this itch on my head to go away. Constantly itchy especially now that I take Adderall everyday.

Apr 11, 2016
I am soooo the same way as uuuu!
by: cookiecrumbs

I am sooo the same way as u but I wasn't aware of it till now. when responsibilities piled up n I encountered a classmate who is add and told me about how she is and I was like ohhh shit I'm 100 percent like u... so I told myself that if I am really add and take a pill there will be a dramatic difference as to my ability to focus. and how I understand things and my forgetfulness. I can read a paragraph now and remember and understand it without reading it freaking 5x before I retain like half of it. I do not loose my keys n my car now lol. I am now aware and more organized my thoughts of wanting to do all the things I need to do all at one time dissapeared. now I can follow my priorities better. I'm just on my one week n I wanna cry coz I wish I had known what was wrong with me... I could've saved like two decades of my life! now what my aunts tell me made sense now. kept telling me I always start one thing n never finish always have clutter. always tired even if I slept. and would feel like I just wanna sleep most of the time coz im tired. I don't have bombarding thoughts in my head. I'm scared though of the longterm side effects. so I am thinking of maybe trying l theanine most of the week instead of it so I won't develop tolerance. I'm so thankful of the makers of this meds..first time I took it I was like.... soo this is what having focus feels like. I feel normal now. thanks much.

Jun 06, 2012
Adderall is a miracle NEW
by: Stop the Withhunt

There are so many reports about addictions, demons, and adderall that I feel it directs good people away from a miracle medicine. I was raised in the 70s and know all about "going to Woodstock." Adderall is not even close to speed. Yes, it's an amphetamine, but if you truly had ADD, Adderall actually calms you down which allows you to focus. The edginess or "super energy" feeling is just like any other drug - it takes a few days for your body to adapt, keep the good and throw off the bad. Though hard to find in "witchhunt books" Adderall is actually used to snap people out of depression with the intensity of shock therapy. It is also used for impotence in men due toe "male menapause." I've been on it 6 years and have perfectly normal emotions and, at last, a normal life. Thank you

Dec 16, 2010
So worth it
by: Anonymous

I am 37 and recently diagnosed with ADHD and depression........
The difference when I started taking adderall was immediate and AMAZING.
I was the worlds biggest procrastinator before this drug, and now, not only can I perform all my chores, I actually enjoy doing them too. I can now read books cover to cover, whereas before, I would have to read the same thing over and over again because I could NOT concentrate.
My life has 360'd since taking this drug. My life would've been a whole lot different had I been diagnosed a long time ago.......
Only side effects so far have been dry mouth and loss of appetite.
Do I recommend this drug ? Wholeheartedly !! It's even helped my depression............

Oct 21, 2010
Why you are "peeing" so much
by: Anonymous

I wanted you to know I feel the same about Adderall, it's wonderful. BUT after taking for about a year I realized my skin was getting dryer & dryer & I felt weaker as the days went on, NO-one could figure out why except I woke up one morning & my face was wrinkled & sunk in, it finally hit me hard, b/c after all the days of "peeing" that I thought was just strange was my body was completely depleteing it's water. Every single drop in ever cell/organ, etc. finally left my body. I was drinking water normally except I did Not know I should have upped the amount to approx 100 oz a day instead of the norm which is about 64oz's. After about 6 weeks I was back to normal. You are slowly becomeing "dehydrated" this is very serious. If you notice going to the restroom more, Scalp itching, skin dryer, it's because of too much water loss. I drink 8oz every 1.5 hours every day. PLEASE maintain your water intake, other than that Adderall is fantastic.

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