Adderall is making me more ADHD

by Benny

I do not know what is wrong with me. I took adderall a couple times a few weeks ago and thought it was the most amazing thing that ever happened to me. My extremely busy schedule seemed far less stressful while i was on it, i was way nicer and social, and i didnt notice ANY side effects. So thinking that this drug was going to save my associate's degree and improve my motivation like it had, i was happy to have it prescribed by my doctor at 20mg per day.

Taking it before at that dosage i remember it hadnt been effective at all unless i took 3 times that. So i took 3 the day i got my meds and i got the same feeling that made me want the meds in the firstplace so i was overjoyed to know that i could save this year after so much depressing shit that happened to me. Well everything turned from there. I took it again for the second time since i got my meds just 4 days ago and was ready to get stuff done.

The come on didnt hit quite as hard as it had before but i still recognized the feeling pretty well and didnt think anything of it. Then the next day i took it again and felt even less effects and also started to experience minimal side effects such as compulsive twitching, complete loss of apetite for that day and a somewhat crappy comedown feeling. I was a little annoyed because i wanted to pop my fingers a lot and was increasingly dissappointed with it as it had already proven itself to work on the past, and the effectiveness of adderall increasingly was diminishing and i wasnt getting things done and the stress was piling on 10 fold each time.

So i forced myself to eat tons of healthy food, googled everything to help potentiate it, got plenty of rest each night, and did everything i thought i could to, in hopes, regain those initial feelings and motivation, or at the very least improve my mood, all which sold me in the first place. Now, not even a week since i started my prescription, i woke up and even increased the dose by 20mgs to make sure i feel it and what i get when in on it, even with my day naturally going well, are all the side effects again but now have increased to the point where i didnt feel anything for more than 5 minutes,

but now have an aching body, i am constantly feeling a need to stretch and keep popping my fingers which is what ruins it the most because i cant hold still and it hurts like im going to get arthritis in my thumbs or something, social wthdrawl all day even from my good friends and i dont even care, not being able to focus on anything with scattered thinking, and trembling hands and body movments, still no appetite, i am blinking too much and i dont know what the hell is going on.

Its like by taking adderall i now acquired every symtom of ADHD plus extra physical effects to pain my body and distract/depress/confuse/piss me off even MORE than where i was before using this. Not only do i completely feel bad for taking drugs to help solve my problems, but im less than 3 weeks out from the end of the final semester of my degree, taking 10 classes right now and now i feel just perfectly retarded in time for final papers and exams.

So much has happened to me this year that i dont know i if i'll ever recover psychologically if i dont get my degree, finishing out the worst year of my life just perfectly.

How can someone build up a tolerance in less than a week with no other history of adhd med usage? Im going to take a 3 day break this weekend because i have heard that can help break the tolerance. And i'll go from there on whether to use them again or not. If they work again i'll take them just to save my degree and never again after.

But it is not worth it to me to take regularly like this as this tolerance issue, from what i hear, is VERY common and it really depends on the person whether or not you'll feel that initial feeling ever again, and you may (just like me) be dissappointed over and over again with this drug as many other people have claimed. Im just hopin i recover this weekend from being decieved by a pill. Good luck to all and take care of your bodies if you are going to use adderall.

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Dec 19, 2015
my comment
by: Anonymous

outside of how you are trying to AMP the drug be aware of how you can also nullify its effects with acids such as vitamin C. read the pamphlet, it will explain it.

also different manufacturers affect me very differently.

I do always get the initial peak (30-45 minutes) then ride it down from there, taking a second dose around 1pm or 2pm which is never as effective.

Good luck, always talk with your doctor about concerns!

Aug 25, 2015
by: Anonymous

Did you eat right while on the meds?

Apr 20, 2015
Hydration and MicroMeals
by: Anonymous


In my experience, 8yrs with brand-only Adderall 15mg (1/2 a 30mg tablet once a day now) the key to keeping most of the negative effects down is keeping hydrated and eating many times during the day.

As for the mood enhancing - I've NEVER wanted to even "feel" the onset or the come-down. Guess that's why I stick to the brand-only version? It tapers up and off so I rarely notice. It's possible that there is something else nagging at you outside of the ADHD? A tiny bite of depression or something?

Good luck'll figure it out. We types always do. ;)


Jul 16, 2014
Adderall not working
by: Anonymous

Thanks Crunch Slamchest that was a very good explanation of how it works. I have been taking it 10mg 3Xday and I have not felt like it is working anymore. When I first started I felt focused and now I think about it more and wonder why is it not working like I first took it so I upped the medication. I feel now that I am not concentrating, feel like I am not self efficient. I act like I don't know what I am doing like wow can you show me. This is not like me. I need to stop it and wait like you did and take it and not think about it. I have part of my stomach missing so I absorb meds so fast that it wears off quickly any medication. I don't know I want to feel like I can think again and not just think about is it time to take my medication. Is it working I think about it to much. Sad, so I am going to do what you said.

Jun 06, 2014
This is Drug Abuse
by: Crunch Slamchest

First, I am not a doctor, nurse, or any other type of health care professional. I also realize this question is a bit old at this point.
Tolerance to Adderall is built very quickly for most, and can last a long time (weeks or months). The other symptoms (eye blinking, loss of appetite etc.) are known negative side effects.
You took a relatively high dosage of Adderall (for a new user) and felt a nice buzz from it. This high inspired you to work, and the Adderall also allowed you to focus on any task or activity you wanted. The next day you wanted that awesome feeling back, but didn't quite get it (this is the nasty trick of any recreational drug). Disappointed, you took more, and still didn't achieve the desired results. At this point you've subjected your body to large (for a new user) amounts of Adderall, with little time to adjust. This causes the negative side effects to be VERY negative. You never gave the Adderall a chance to do its intended job. Adderall works best when you don't notice you’re on it, other than your improved ability to focus. It's not a wonder pill that turns any human into a super motivated work machine. You still need to provide your own drive. It can still provide unhumanlike powers ex. the ability to rearrange/sort the contents of your cupboards, and enjoy it (just me?). After the first uses, you sound too overrun with the negatives to get motivated.
There are supplements available that can slow and somewhat reverse Adderall tolerance, one is chelated magnesium. Talk to your doctor about adding any supplement. If lowering your dose back down, taking supplements and a different mindset doesn't help, maybe Adderall isn't for you. There are still several other medications for ADHD available. Your doctor and will work with you to find something that fits (if not get a new one).
Lastly, please don't think I am passing judgment. Your scenario sounds a lot like mine, when I was first prescribed Adderall. My initial thoughts were- This.Is.Amazing! Why doesn't everyone take this? I then proceeded to design/code a website (including the content) for my parents business. 22 hours Non-stop to completion, breaking only to empty and refill my body with water. I went through the same bout of taking double and triple dosages hoping to return to glory, only to end up with muscle spasms, extreme dry mouth, apathy etc. I now take Adderall as instructed during the work week, and for the occasional gaming power session when my wife is away. Adderall has been a huge help - just look at how many words I typed!
You were high, chased the high, and your body and mind suffered from it. I am not a doctor. I used my own experience and internet research on Adderall to draw this conclusion. Cut back to the instructed dose and approach with different expectations. If you still don’t feel Adderall works for you, talk to your doctor about a different medication. I hope this will help you or someone else going through this, as others helped me.

Dec 17, 2013
Adderall is terrible
by: Anonymous

I am ADHD, and at one point I was on adderall, but after one week I had to stop taking it. I was in middle school at the time and it made me worse than before. I had 3 huge temper tantrum angry outbursts with kicking and screaming and destroying things. All of them were about really insignificant things, and it took me so long to finally calm down. My dad took a video, and when he showed it to me later I was so ashamed. I had no idea what had gotten into me. I had little appetite, and most of the time I felt like all I wanted to do was absolutely nothing.

There may have been more but it was a while ago, and I don't remember if there were any other negative side effects. Needless to say my doctor took me off of it within the week.

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