Adderall is Unpredictable

by Juna Walkin

I've been on Adderall for about a year now. First I took Concerta but then switched to Adderall for its time release. Or maybe the other way around. They're basically the same thing. My psychologist just wanted it so last longer through my day. I am 17 and in high school and I found that I lose interest in my studies later in the day.

So she switched me to help me focus longer. Well with the switch, in the beginning, its a little hectic when you start but then you settle down and your body becomes use to it. I feel sometimes it's effects vary from time to time.

Usually it works ok in the beginning for me but then its job to help me focus decreases. It makes me irritable and angry sometimes. Usually at the end of the day. Its a strange mix. The drug is unpredictable.

Though, I can usually count on being crabby when I leave school. I can also count on the puking/nausea/gag feeling it gives me when I light up a square. This never really happened until I switched to the time release kind. Then sometimes I started getting sick when I wasn't smoking. It made me think I was pregnate when I wasn't. I learned a lot about the effects it had on me.

This is simply because I stopped taking it over break because I didn't have school. I did loose some focus throughtout break. I noticed I just let my mind drift off more. Well, my driving habits got a little bad. So I started smoking a square like about 3 days into break and I felt fine.

I thought to myself I wonder what it was. Then dismissed it through my head and enjoyed my break. VERY CAREFREE. It was nice. Then today I went back to school. I took my Adderall in the morning like usual and throughout the day I was sort of emotional in all aspects. I had a bad day.

When i came home i was increasingly cranky. When I also felt out of it,emotional, confused, angered, and very disoriented. Then i lit a square and got sick. Great. I don't know what to do. I can't tell if the good outways the bad. My grades suck with out it but it is ruining me somehow. I just don't like it.

It helps me focus and i like how i am with it as to how maturally i can handle myself. i just do not like how it messes with me when i don't need it or when it wears off OR WHEN I TRY TO SMOKE. i don't need that drug regulating my smoking habits. grr. I smoke and i get punished with nausea? It upsets me.

This drug is not one i would recommend to someone with anxiety. I can't go talk to the perscriber because she is no longer on my insurance list or whatever. It's frustrating.

This drug is very unpredictable and the effects you can go through can be confusing. If you think a lot and panic and have anxiety, I'm not sure you should take this drug. You may just become more lost in your problems because they become more bold.

My main comment is i don't think the drug works the same on everyone and is given out a little too carefree. Make sure you need it.

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