ADHD A blessing and a curse

I haven't been formally diagnosed with ADHD. I am 26 now, and a year ago I hadn't even heard of it. However, the shoe fits and deep down, I've always known there is something different about me. It's weird, how you just know. I'm planning to get an appointment with a psychologist as soon as I can afford it, but for now that is not an option.

Anyway, the amazing thing that I have experienced so far in my life, is that even though I am socially awkward enough to have grown up in isolation and rarely made friends (who eventually gave up because I can be too much to handle!), I always knew how to read people like open books. I've never been mistaken in liking or disliking, trusting or distrusting someone. And that has served me well so far. When it's already too hard for you to make friends, at least it's relieving to know who you can trust right from the start.

Another (rather creepy) "gift" I have is that I can sense when someone in my family is in trouble or in pain. I have also sensed almost every death of loved ones so far, at the moment it was happening. The feeling I always got was great physical discomfort, fear, and eventually absolute panic. It's scary, but I try not to think too much about it.

As for talents, I don't even know if I have any. I spend too much time jumping from one hobby to another and not enough time on one thing to see if I'm any good at it. Hopefully, when i get medical advice things will get better because so far everything feels really really meesy and confusing. Anyway, that's my not-so-special story!

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Nov 16, 2014
I got it too. It's HSP
by: Tim

I went to a therapist about 4 years ago. I was grieving over my inability to have a relationship. The therapist mention that I was sensitive. I though "am I a wiener". I started researching sensitive person. When I started reading about HSP High Sensitive Person". My jaw drop. It's been a couple years of research, and finally excepted it. I believe I have Empathic like ability. Fair warning it kind of sucks. You feel other people pain. It's a bitch on personnel relationship, because you can feel other person feeling. I think about. Sometime you can attract anti-social people, Because you don't feel them.

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