ADHD and Athletes

by Erin

I am looking for some information on Adhd and athletes. I am a high level college and national team athlete that just got diagnosed with adhd. I can relate to some symptoms in childhood that were probably not noticeable to others because I was always playing sports and because I've heard sometimes females have different symptoms. I have had trouble with consistancy in performances and I find my mind burns me out easily and well as my drive to be successfull is great but someitmes hurts me because I do too much. Any info on this would be great.

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Apr 04, 2010
ADHD and Athlete's
by: Deborah Merlin

Amino acids are the building blocks of life. Athlete's need amino acids for muscle and bone repair. Amino acids also help with calming the brain and focusing. Consider having an amino acid panel done for deficiencies are common. Amino acids helped my twins recover from many neurological disorders including ADHD. For more information visit my website at

Apr 04, 2010
Athletics, Diet, Behavioral Therapy
by: TJ Chambers

Everything has it roots in a proper diet. That is where you start and then "move up".

I still have a lot of work to do in this area to help people. I give the basics of what to do and what not to do but I find people want the specifics. I have problems of not getting things done also.

Here is a page on diet ADHD Diet

Be sure you look at this videos page for more information related to diet. ADHD Video

Most people, especially people with ADHD do not get the minerals and vitamins they need. Athletes especially need a good supplement. This liquid vitamin I started using and it changed my life. ADHD Liquid Vitamin

I have been using it for at least 4 years. A couple months ago, I stopped taking it. That was a terrible idea. I started taking it again and I started getting my positive results right away.

As people with ADHD, we are impulsive. We are driven to do certain things. An important thing is to recognize what is driving us at the moment and use it for good or find a way to do behavioral modification.

Meaning, I am driven to sit at my computer and keep looking at my email just waiting for another one. Seems a little freakish since I'm not expecting any. So I sit here and try to figure something to do and just keep flipping back to my email. Then I start with twitter. I flip back and forth between the two waiting for a message to pop up.

I recognize I am doing this and have to fight to get myself off. This was last night. I ended up getting off and went to read a book for a while.

Thats what I mean by behavioral therapy (modification). Force yourself to act differently. There are therapists that can help with that too.

People say that females have different symptoms. I don't believe it. Why? People assume that guys are always hyperactive and the ladies are sometimes.

What they say is that a female that is reserved, shy, and with low self esteem can be ADHD but go unrecognized. Guys can be this way too! Thats why I think they miss the point.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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