ADHD and Sensitivity Gifting

by Carla
(Mountain Home, Arkansas)

I'm not big on writing so I'll just list some things that have happened to me in my life.

Diagnosed with ADD w/inattention at the age of 40.

> Was put on Adderal and kept a job for 2 1/2 years, a record for me.

> I felt a whole lot more confident on it.

< I was driving - a bit faster than I should have been
When what seemed like a dark cloud over came me.
It was so overwhelming I slowed down. Just ahead was a sharp corner and as I got to it there was a cop car and another car sitting in the road. They were just talking to each other. I hit the brakes so hard the ABS went out. If I hadn't slowed down, there would have been a bad wreck. I surly felt the Lord was watching over us that day.

< I was setting out side by our barn, and a jet flew over. I got this odd "feeling" of a plane crash. The next day or 2 there was a horrable plane crash on the news.

> I get these "feelings" sometimes.

> I can feel other peoples moods.
I know if they like me or not.
I know when someone is just not feeling there same ol'self. (Tired, sick, etc...)
I sometimes know if someone is a bad person.
(I got a bad feeling about a guy in a mortgage loan business. My Boss said he was an ok guy (My boss kinda new him) About 2 or 3 days later, My boss said I was right about that guy, there was an article in the paper that he had been arrested for child pornography.

> I remember in school I always stared out the window instead of pay attention to the teacher.

> If I get into an argument with someone it just stays with me for days or weeks, depending on how bad it was.
It's all I think about.

< I can not sleep because my brain just will not stop!

I have pretty bad depression, I'm dyslexic, Have these "feelings, and sense other peoples moods.

> I much rather be with my animals.

> I am more up set about an one of my animals death than a close relative. (I feel bad about that too).

I think just in the past year I have learned about being "Sensitive".

I could go on for days, But I'll spare you.

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Sep 25, 2018
by: Jeff

So comforting to know I am not alone.

How to focus these gifts beyond "amazing coincidences "?

Feb 27, 2018
by: Ginny Monk

Hi Carla,

My name is Ginny Monk, and I am a reporter with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. I am working on a story about adult ADHD in women and would love to talk with you about your experience.

Would you mind emailing me at


Mar 16, 2017
I absolutely love that I was born so special!
by: Love my gift

Reading lots of your comments and feeling the same way about a lot of things you guys have mentioned it makes me feel very honoured and special to have this ability and this wonderful gift!

I don't feel 'different' so to speak, I feel like me and it's a pitty that more people don't have our abilities, making us curious, observant, all feeling and seeing human beings!

It's incredible!

I think the term ADHD etc has been made up by those people that cannot share in our gifts and therefore have no comprehension of who we are...maybe they are the ones that are 'different' and we are just who we are meant to be!

Being so curious about how the world works has given me wonderful experiences and being sensitive to the people I meet makes it easier to know who to spend my time with and who to totally avoid! It's a very helpful gift! I love that I have to gutts to change the situation I am in if I feel it doesn't make me happy, if a job bores me then why not move on and try something new?

You'll never know if you like something unless you give it a go first! Embrace your talents, creativity and gifts, know that each of you are amazing people and go out there and try new things with all that vigorous intention that burns inside us with the idea of the new! .... be kind to each other and enjoy your unique experiences x

May 22, 2016
ADHD and abilities
by: SewFeeAh

I always had ADHD but only knew I had it when I was diagnosed right after my teen daughter years ago. So in a I go. Does anyone identify? Was very creative and sensitive child. Saw things and heard things and walked and talked in my sleep, out of body experiences a few times etc....grew out of a lot of it eventually. For various reasons went on Effexor in early twenties. All night terrors and "sensitivities" stopped. I was parenting so that was good. Started ADHD meds about eight years ago now, stopped Effexor about three years ago. All hell has broken loose, not only do I sense things to the point of distraction but things seem to know I can and am and do. After taking photography in school, so I know my camera....since November 2014 and not before, I continue to capture, not just orbs, but figures, mists etc...and not everywhere. Only in a few places. Tried different cameras. Flash on, flash off. Different places. It is not dust or tricks of the camera. As I said, I'm educated in the field and why would I start claiming this weirdness this late in my life? The photos are like gems to me. I share them with no one really. Except the American paranormal association to have them validated. But otherwise they are like gifts from the other side of the veil. Nothing scary yet. If anything scares me it's back on the Effexor! But I have forever wondered how ADHD and or ADHD medicated or not has impacted psychic abilities or if it's just been me. Great to read everyone's experiences. Thanks!

Feb 13, 2016
And I thought I was was crazy ....
by: Jimish

I recently got diagnosed with ADD at age 35. I knew something was different about me since middle school. Very young, I learned to detect lying and bad intentions from people, but it soon became a burden as society doesn't really approve such claim. Since I'm a very impulsive person, I would get very angry at people for not being honest and truthful towards me.

I guess the most frustrating part of this, is that I can't prove my hypersensitivity to anyone, and even if I could ...would that be for the best interests? Since two years back, I came to realize that I could somewhat predict some events directly connected to my personal and/or professional life exactly 3 days before it occurs. I was baffled when I read some of the other testimonies that have the same time frame of precognitive feeling while being in an anxiety state.

Speaking of anxiety, like most of you, I tend to "focus", with no apparent reason, on a feeling of uneasiness followed by a certain sense of connection with something or someone close. It's like an alarm that triggers and tells me : "hey, buddy...three day and you'll see why".

More and more I learn how to deal with that and pinpoint the situation or person with whom I'm connected with. You all probably know the expresion : "when your ears buzzes, someone is thinking or speaking about you"....Unlike most of the posts I've seen, I don't relate to animals much although they seem to like me A LOT for some reasons.

Some will say that I trigger events myself by overthinking them resulting in a serie of actual events, but I really doubt it. I can't simply trigger events like people dying, cheating me or simply thinking about me thoroughly. Surely, when I feel something is wrong with someone, my impulsivity kind of shows, but in terms of triggering ...

To conclude, I deeply think ADD and ADHD can be somewhat of a gift if society let us be and use our telents to better profit. Taking well calculted risks, being creative, being able to decipher things or people, solving problems and finally being sensitive where it counts. Why not?

Why ADD can't be an asset on my resumé? Why are we labbeled as lazy lunatic fools when we can actually multitask things that we like in matter of seconds? I could talk about this for hours, but thanks to all of you out there, I don't feel alone anymore.

Oct 18, 2015
I am with you
by: Hannah

I love reading these comments. They bring tears to my eyes as I finally feel that I am not alone. I am a 60 year old woman with ADHD. I always knew I was strange, as I have been told, so it was wonderful for me when I accidentally discovered the ADDitude magazine, which somehow linked me to this page.

I take 50mg of Vyvanse daily and it has helped me with many things, The most amazing thing is that for the first time in my life I have a sense of direction. I've always had a problem with right and left, North and South etc., but I can now find my way around with very few problems. The Vyvanse has also helped me focus on my prihects, although I still leave many things unfinished.

I feel like I can tell whether a person us good or bad as soon as I meet them. Some people actually give me creepy feelings every time I meet them, although they gave done nothing to me.

I am more in tune with animals and nature and prefer the quiet. Loud noises, music and people make me angry and I have to get out of that environment immediately..

I can immediately tell that a person has ADHD when I meet them. If I tell them that most people either laugh or shrug it off but many of them listen to me and read up on it. They are amazed when they realize that ADHD is what makes them different from most other folks.

I could go on for hours! I hope that you continue to post comments on this site. I'd like to tell a friend.

May 21, 2015
Replyy to Carla (Mountain Home-Arkansas)
by: Nox Lupus

Hi Carla

I am not sure if this is actually the correct method by which to reply to your post. Nevertheless I'll write this reply in the hope that you may in fact read it at some point.

To be perfectly frank I was somewhat startled when I read your post in its entirety. The various "phenomena" that you describe within your post are quite literally a virtual mirror to my own experiences. I too can instantly sense virtually all of a person's inherent characteristics. To analgise; it is almost as if I am plugged into a person's soul. Of course I realise that what I have just said may initially sound a little strange. But in all the years that I have been alive it is exceptionally rare that I am indeed incorrect. Whenever I encounter a person with whom interaction is unavoidable, I can instantaneously sense whether or not they are quite literally "good or bad". To analogise once again; it's like a data stream, a download if you will, of the entirety of a person's true nature.

I too possess a relatively well developed sense of precognition. I receive images; sounds and in some cases a virtual video steam of either incidents or events relating to interaction.

I too have a profound affinity with animals. Dogs especially are inextricably "drawn" to me, but I had had the same effect upon other species too.

Even though where I currently reside contains no more hills or mountains than Holland, when I am in the presence of nature in its most pure and beautiful state, I am calmed to the very depths of my soul. It is a state of mind that all the Methlyphenidate (Concerta)in the world could never hope to achieve.

I strongly believe that individuals "suffering" from ADHD are in many senses a literal breed apart. We are fundamentally different from our fellow human beings in many critical ways. Our thought processes are in some cases profoundly different from those around us. We process the world around us in a different and to many, an utterly intangible way.

The establishment may seek to "normalise" us with either therapy and/or medication; so be it. All the therapy in the world will in my view never change the fact that we are special people, with a special role to play within society. Here in the UK ADHD has been heavily stigmatised, to the point where any mention of those four letters, could potentially mean ostracization; isolation and alienation. We are told that we are not well, that we need to be "treated" in some way in order to become a functioning member of society. We are merely an evolutionary difference, an upgrade if you will.

I am acquainted with other people that "suffer" with ADHD. Let me tell you Carla the gifts that you mentioned within your post are inherent to us all in various ways. Rather than subdue us; label us and categorise us, people like us, REAL people, should be allowed to be who we really are. Your gifts are a nothing whatsoever less than beautiful and wondrous gifts from God.

Please do not let anyone tell you that you are defective in any way. You are special, you are different, you are gifted.

Please excuse the "rant", but your post was for me exceptionally emotive.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts.

May 21, 2015
correction on OCD premonition post
by: Diane

correction: I HAVE run into him and we have gotten into a conversation but at least not yet and we got into any argument.

May 21, 2015
OCD Premonition
by: Diane

I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child but long story short I developed monster ocd-like symptoms as an adult. have you ever heard that sometimes people with OCD feel like something bad is going to happen if they don't do their ritual? one time I did not get to finish one of my rituals when I would have liked and it did not feel right.I felt like if I did not do my ritual I would run into one of my classmates and get into an argument with him and he would call me a term that would strike such a chord with me that I hit him in the face.a month later I move into an apartment across from his mother.the apartment is apartment D, which is what we called him in high school.I have not gotten to speak with him but we have not got into an argument at least yet but that is still just really creepy.does anybody have any insight on this because I don't like it at all.feel free to post a reply if you do.

Mar 18, 2015
ADHD = Highly Intuitive
by: PsychiCat

Hi, I was very intuitive as a child. As an adult I have been a practicing Clairvoyant Reader for 15+ years. I was diagnosed with ADHD about 2 years ago. I strongly believe that EVERYONE has the ability to be psychic/intuitive. Of the people I know who are psychic/intuitive, many of them seem to have ADHD traits and behaviors. ADHD gives the gift of high intuition and I for one am very glad. Many blessings to you all on your spiritual path. :o)

Aug 27, 2014
I also have psychic/medium abilities
by: Ove N Light Lance

Hi 44Male diagnosed at 43 i've known since 16-17 I had psychic abilities when i was brought to an accident scene to find a friends fathers necklace at the point his head impacted the bank and tore it from his neck.I just felt i needed to go there so her b/f and I drove there i got out walked right to the spot where he died bent down and picked up the necklace he always wore and when i picked it up i felt his spirit but didnt say anything when i handed it to her b/f he's like whoaaa!Then he started to tell me how when i gave him the necklace i just said i know we both got the shivers then!Then when i was doing some soul searching i googled why do i always cry and empath popped up opened it ,it was like reading my diary.A short time after my awakening i was comenting on a friends families rollover i commented mom musta been with them no more than i hit enter i heard i was there i was with them!The great thing about it I was able to help my buddy to help his mom cross by telling her it was ok to go he'd been keeping her here by saying i wish you were here that sort of thing.Was a hard thing to do asking my buddy who wanted nothing more than to have his mom back that he had to tell her it was ok to go but i kbnew immediately when he had done it i felt a giant weight lifted and an inner peace like id never felt this is both a blessing and a curse at times lol. People have always came to me growing up to help solve problems mostly girls and women when i was younger but now have men also confiding things to me theyve never told anyone then ask me why,my response you needed to!I hyperfocus and can look at every angle to a problem and process so much more info than a NT.Also i know how to do things that ive never been taught like mudras hand positions ive done while trying to get answers in readings and shortly after it was literly dumped in my lap via weblink what id just done and it was to open the third eye go figure?? Glad to have found this just got into another "discusion" about the validity of this all Love and Light N Healing to all!

Jul 29, 2013
by: Shannon

This is good info , I have the same thing and now in my early 30 's after finding my daughter has ADHD . I now know I am ADHD and understanding myself more than I ever did . It puts so much into perspective . I do have the same feelings. Had a near death experience at 16 years old and experienced a spiritual encounter and changed my life spiritually. It was such a strong encounter that it was very emotional . It took me a while to let it out and realize I have a gift . I am sensative to connecting with the lost . Also have a strong sence of things i feel god tells me about ,like people , murders, and also have had strong dreams of people I know I feel god wants me to pray for. I feel this is a gift . ADHD is difficult at times but is also such a gift . Being sensative has made me such a bedder person. :)

Jan 09, 2013
Not Alone
by: Kim

I have known that I have had ADHD my entire life. I am also coming to term that i am a sensitive/medium. Writing this is the first time i have admitted to myself that I can communicate with the dead. I love to see that i am not alone. I take vyvanse and it has not messed with my abilties at all like all the others meds have. I love it, because it makes me normal in all the RIGHT ways like i can listen better, focus more....etc Without all the nasty side affects. Same peronality with the benefits of being an "average" human being. I love how i was just able to write this without feelng like i am a complete weirdo!!!!

Sep 24, 2012
Gift not a curse
by: Chris (Gt. Britain)

Hi all
I have only quite recently been diagnosed with ADHD (Feb 2012). In retrospect it could explain some of my hitherto somewhat wayward behaviour in many past social educational and employment situations. Be that as it may I certainly hadn’t taken into account, that this “condition” could possibly have been some form of genesis for the development of an extremely potent form of psychic ability. Like Carla (Arkansas) I too have an extremely acute sense of those around me. I know virtually instantaneously whether or not a person is to be trusted or not, exactly what mood they are in, what temperament they have, if they are mendacious and so on. I can access their past experiences in virtually any given situation with relative ease, the antithesis being a pre-cognitive ability with accuracy proven on multiple occasions. I have a close friend who currently resides in Virginia Beach, to which I have given many distance readings regarding his somewhat turbulent past relationship. Due to the accuracy of these “readings” he is no longer a sceptic in such matters. With the passing of time and I am discovering new facets within my gift, some of which I have not mentioned for my own reasons. For many years I was deeply ashamed of it and indeed never mentioned it to another soul. In recent years however I have learned to trust what I have been given and to cherish it for the amazing and beautiful gift that it truly is. I am certainly not delusional in any sense whatsoever and possess all my faculties both psychologically and emotionally. I am now realising that being born with ADHD has equipped me with the faculties to survive many terrible and potentially devastating experiences that I have been forced to endure, especially in childhood. Put simply in part at the very least, being psychic has enabled me to make sense of it all. I believe that had I not had this ability it would have taken far longer, if ever to reconcile the terrible things that happened to me during childhood and adolescence. I also strongly believe that being psychic is merely part of being what it is to be wholly and purely human and not simply an abhorrent abomination to smite or cast asunder by any deity!. I have a strong faith in the divine and It is with love and compassion that I help others to the very best of my ability whenever I am called upon to do so. To date I have NEVER charged anybody that I have helped before, although I am considering at least token payments to assist with the cost of feeding myself and nothing more! For me ADHD is becoming a cherished gift which enables me to think in ways simply not accessible to those who do not have this “illness” and to feel and see things simply out of reach to many, it is certainly most assuredly not a curse. If psychic ability is a facet or further dimension to ADHD, then I could think of nothing I would rather be than what I am today.

Jul 22, 2012
controling abilities !
by: Savannah

I have the. Same. Issue. I .now. the. Caractor of someone. And if they like me I've. Seen. Silhouette of my grandmother. Who hase passed. And. Voices from people. In my family that has pass no friends. It's hard I fill the walls. Close. In when. I walk into a room. Help any one out there I need friends. Loyal. Ones that understand. What. It's like. To have. A gift Adhd/psysic I guess!

Nov 29, 2011
just starting to grasp my sensitivity
by: Anonymous

I am 40. I am a woman. I am adhd. I have naturally learned how to cope with who I am. I make lists...put them where I can find them, etc. However, I have always had an intuiitve/sensitive awareness to people and their nature. Sadly, it gives me a less than optimistic view of humanity. I get an impression of people within minutes. I can see that some people feel something from me and at times they are off balance from it and they are not sure why. But having that sense of others nature can make one feel isolated, misunderstood.

Nov 15, 2011
by: emma

I am not alone

May 05, 2011
What to do with Psychic Abilities
by: TJ Chambers

If you read this page ADHD and Giftedthen you would know that I find it very common for ADHD people to have this gifting.

I believe it is a sensitivity. We are sensitive to "spiritual" things, in our bodies, and emotionally.

With spiritual things, we see things, hear things, and know things that other people don't. We know things that happen in the future before they happen. These are good and bad gifts.

Our bodies are sensitive so when we eat things we shouldn't, our ADHD symptoms are worse. Sugar affects us really bad, much worse then other people.

Back to the psychic issue.

When you think about seeing things before they happen or knowing things that you shouldn't know, the only thing you can relate that to is a psychic ability. Psychics that are real pull information from other spiritual entities. They also try to communicate with the dead. These are the things that God says to stay away from.

The gifting we have is not like that. We are not pulling information from spiritual entities and hopefully not trying to talk to the dead because you can't communicate with them. People that communicate with the dead are communicating with intelligent spiritual entities mimicking the dead, not the dead.

If you read the Bible, you will see instances of Gods prophets and those that are witches or psychics. Gods prophets received information, saw things, much like we do.

I don't see being a psychic a good thing because it means you are trying to pull information on demand for payment. Even if you didn't tap into those other spiritual entities, is this something you feel comfortable with, someone depending on you to tell them about their life and their future?

May 05, 2011
starstarstarstarstar 2
by: Anonymous

To the person who talked about preferring to be with animals instead of people...I relate so much and also feel very bad about that. However, I can communicate (on some level) and relate better with/to my dogs and other animals than I can to/with people. I know you must all understand that--the extreme sensitivity that comes with ADHD. I'm ALWAYS so disappointed with people and how dishonest, mean and bad they are (not that I'm perfect by any means). So, I've learned to stay away from most. I now trust NO ONE except my sons and my dogs. It's a lonely existence really. People do like me and try to spend time with me, but I don't like very many people for the reasons I just mentioned, and I usually push people away.

So this sensitivity is a burden can pick up on messages from the universe, but one can also learn to never trust anyone because of the sensitivity. So I end up blaming myself. I try and stop those negative thoughts in my head telling me I'm stupid (even though I have a masters degree...and so much education/experience besides that really), and that I just take things too hard. I find myself admiring cold-hearted business men and wish sometimes I was capable of not feeling anything like those men. I've learned to PRETEND not to feel. I've learned to PRETEND to like people. I've also learned to PRETEND not to care so much about everything and everyone. It's miserable in my head...yes...yes...the DEPRESSION is so bad and so difficult. The last time someone fell from my pedestal, I wanted to jump off of a bridge.

I tried meds...four different kinds--adderall, ritalin, dexedrine and antidepressants...they tweak me out too bad and don't really seem to help that much. I also hate not being myself. I like my ADHD in some strange's me. I notice when I take meds I can relate to cold and boring people thank you.

Thanks for reading. Sorry for anyone who gets hate mail. Don't people have better things to do then pick on others? See what I mean?--this is why I mostly hate people. They are mean! I like you all here, though, because you're ADHDers like me and understand some of what I talk about.

Thanks for this forum. Hey--to the site owner--maybe consider asking everyone to create a user name and password. That might keep the real weirdos out, you know. :-)

just ADHD me

May 05, 2011
Same for me
by: Anonymous


I hope it's okay--I'm posting 2 different comments so it will fit.

Thank you all for sharing your experiences. I experience similar, but the "sensing" is not consistent enough for me to make sense out of most of the time. And I try and suppress it.

For instance, I don't know if any of you heard about it, but a few years back there was a serial killer in Ipswich, UK. I had no idea that was going on at the time, but for the longest time the town's name would just pop into my head. It was loud and clear...IPSWICH. It would come and go--it was always really random and unexpected. I thought I was going crazy. Then after a while, I happened to watch some international news and saw a report about the Ipswich serial killer. I told my sons, and it scared the heck out of my younger son because I had told both of them I'd been receiving that town name in my head for a long time. My older son accepted the possible psychic connection because he can relate better (he's very ADHD).

I still wonder if it was just a coincidence that Ipswich kept popping into my mind really. The thing is--what was I supposed to DO with that random information coming at me? That's what upsets me. I surely couldn't prevent the deaths and stop the serial killer across the ocean in England! I mean, is this a gift that we ADHDers are supposed to develop? If so, how do we go about that? For one thing, my ADHD causes me to not follow through on things (as you all know). I could see myself starting "psychic" training of some kind and not sticking with it...or worse, really getting into it and then becoming very overwhelmed with the messages I receive from the universe.

Also, I was always taught by other Christians that anything "psychic" was evil. I don't know how to feel about that, and if so, why do I seem to receive messages like some of you say you do? It's confusing.
~page 2 - next post~

Mar 27, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have ADHD and everything you that happens to you, also happens to me. The hair on my arms will stand up when I meet someone, for the first time, who isn't a very good person. i have feelings that sometimes make me curl over and get sick. I also have dreams about my life that come true. Sometimes it takes a very long time to happen. Im glad to see that someone else shares the exact experiences.

Aug 10, 2009
ADHD and Giftings
by: TJ Chambers

Hi Karie,

These are not things that you can easily share as you have found out.

I received a hate email from someone because I have this ADHD giftings page up.

This lady told me I'm nuts and that I should see a doctor and be put on meds. She also said that I tell people they are psychic which never do.

It really is a great thing that we can all get together.

Aug 10, 2009
by: Karie52

Omg! You wrote what my mind thinks about!

I have told my friends, family , I have said these things .. they just roll their eyes...

I feel I have a new friend from MY world..


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