ADHD & Autism Numbers Update For 2015

by TJ Chambers

My friend Deborah Merlin has updated the numbers for students with ADHD and Autism using Los Angeles as the example.

She says, "We face an epidemic of neurological and learning disorders that cannot be explained away by simple genetics."

When you see the drastic increase in numbers, they will prove that statement above. The numbers jump so high, that it can't be something that is simply passed on through genes otherwise we should have seen a rise over a much longer period of time.

When looking at the numbers I'm about to share with you, keep this in mind.

"The increase of autistic students enrolled in LAUSD between 2000/01 and 2014/15 is truly alarming, especially since the overall student population decreased by 77,853 during those years."

Here are the numbers she shared.

Autism Statistics for Los Angeles Unified School District from 2000/01-2014/15
Year # of Autistic Students
2000/01 – 2787
2001/02 – 3497
2002/03 – 3837
2003/04 – 4223
2004/05 – 5115
2005/06 – 6250
2006/07 – 6769
2007/08 – 7542
2008/09 – 8516
2009/10 – 9332
2010/11 – 10,555
2011/12 – 10,902
2012/13 – 12,225
2013/14- 12,695
2014/15- 13,494
Source: California Department of Education
Special Education Division years 2000/01- 2014/15

2000/01 one out of 259 students are autistic
==> 2014/15 one out of 48 students are autistic

In 2000 - 2001 it was 1 out of 259 students are autistic. In 2014 - 2015, 1 out of 48 students are autistic. She says this is alarming and it is.

"Autism has increased by 525% over the last 15 years in the Los Angeles Unified School District."

"If this trend continues, there will be an upwards of 20,000 autistic students in the Los Angeles Unified School District by 2020. Autism has increased twelve-fold in California, and many others states are experiencing similar increases. This is an urgent crisis, and we must immediately address the root causes of these neurological disorders."

One of the potential causes as is discussed in the "3 Causes of Out of Control ADHD Symptoms" is toxicity.

"Environmental toxicity — particularly heavy-metal toxicity — causes a range of serious neurological and degenerative disorders. Heavy metals and other environmental toxins saturate our world. Our children come into frequent contact with mercury, lead, aluminum, pesticides and other toxins such as fire retardants found in cars and in electronic equipment."

"These toxins accumulate in the body’s vital organs and tissues, including the brain, liver, kidneys, spleen, and pancreas. They disrupt normal function, giving way to learning disabilities, hyperactivity, impaired IQ, poor concentration, depression, anxiety, violent behavior, headaches, and other obstacles to a child’s education and general well-being."

If you want to read more about this topic, please visit her website Environmental Toxins, ADHD and Autism Epidemic 2015 Update.

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