ADHD Diet Therapy - Will it work?

Let's think about food. What is food? Besides anything that you put in your mouth, chew and swallow, lets look at what it is suppose to be.

Food is what fuels your body. It is the source of energy that creates all kinds of chemical reactions in your body to make it run normal.

Think about a car. You put gas in it and it makes it run. Have you ever put bad gas in your car? What happens?

It struggles to start, to run, and move.

The engine may even make weird noises and make your car shake.

Back to food.

Food isn't any different. If you put bad food in your body, you will experience health problems. These are labeled as symptoms.

Most "bad" food consists of processed foods, sugar, artificial ingredients and sweeteners, and so on.

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The main thing your body needs is protein. If you don't give it protein, you will have blood sugar problems that result in lack of focus, concentration, mood swings, and these kinds of things.

If you are ADHD like me, then if you eat certain things, they can cause similar effects. Sugar can cause serious problems that include the above and hyperactivity. It also causes inflammation in the body that is usually labeled arthritis.

So far, I hope you are seeing how ADHD diet therapy can help. It is about getting the right foods, in the right amount, at the right times.

You should also start realizing that everyone needs to be eating the right foods but I am trying to stay focused on ADHD.

You will learn a lot more specifics, some resources, and what my daily diet consists of. You will also learn what products I eat to maintain healthy blood sugars.

Now it is time to visit my page, Diet for ADHD.

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