ADHD in Children Diagnosis

by TJ Chambers

In this video (no longer exists), they discuss ADHD in children and diagnosing ADHD. If you want to see general information about looking for ADHD in your child, then this is a good intro video.

It will introduce you to the types of ADHD.

The problem with this video and almost all informational videos, websites, and publications about ADHD always push treatment through a Doctor. Almost all doctors or those that can prescribe medication will prescribe medication.

You would think that they would know how to see what is going wrong with the body and fix it, but they don't.

Let me give you a perfect example. My sister took her daughter to the doctors because her 3 year old has sever constipation problem. They prescribed a barium test. I told her not to do it because barium is a heavy metal and dangerous to inject into the body. She ignored me thinking that I don't know anything. Her daughter became ill and vomited non stop so she took her back to the hospital with a $1000 out of pocket cost. All they did was let her watch a video and give her pedialyte popsicles.

They did 2 tests. The tests said she had a blockage in her colon (I could have told her that without any dangerous tests or cost) but they didnt know where. What a waste.

So she took her to the family doctor. They said they couldn't help her and she would have to go to a GI.

She decided to contact me and see what she can do. She thought it was ridiculous that is all the doctor could do.

Of course I said Hello! What do you think I have been telling you all this time.

So I gave her a bunch of information about how to resolve this problem. Its the basic diet change and some herbal remedies to help repair the colon. She said, the doctors never told me about diet or anything you are saying.

This is a perfect example of how doctors have no clue how the body works and how to get it working properly. They go to school just to learn about how to prescribe medicine.

If they don't have a clue about how the colon works, would they really know about ADHD in Children. Yes, they can diagnose ADHD but do you really want your child on medication that is otherwise illegal for people to use?

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