ADHD in my life

by Kayla Thayer
(Auburn, Maine. USA)

At age 5 or so, I was diagnosed with ADHD and have been living with it for about ten years. I have had it with ADHD! I sometimes get really depressed, I shake my hands uncontrollably when I am excited, which I get teased for, even family, constantly. I also tend to ramble whenever given the chance. For about two years I have been off medication, and at first it was great! I seemed to be improving, getting decent grades, and last semester I got straight A's! I could use the extra energy as an advantage to do many tasks in one night, and focus on the details. Now, I can't seem to focus at all again, and my ADHD is at it's worst. I am failing 3, maybe 4 classes, I am always depressed, and for both of these reasons, often skip school. I can't even sit down to do homework or anything! My parents are unable to help me, or so they claim. I can't control my emotions either! One moment I could be ecstatic, and the next I could be sobbing uncontrollably. I also almost always have trouble sleeping, and I have to take melatonin for it, and even then I still have trouble sleeping. I also tend to make people laugh, though most of it is unintentional. I REALLY hate having ADHD! I wish that they could find a cure so we could all be rid of it!

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Jun 03, 2011
don't give up
by: jan

after reading your blog, it seems you need help and maybe should see a psychologist or counselor. I believe it them. Go and tell them whats going is worth a shot. they can help you get things straightened out. please go see someone. everyone needs someone to talk to that is a professional. if you don't like the first one, find another till you find the one that fits you. you don't need a pysciatrist, they'll just prescribe medication. see a psychologist first to find out what your issues are about. then they may, after a few sessions, refer you to someone who will prescribe the right medications for you.

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