ADHD Medication Use

by belinda

I am a mother of 2 boys, one who has ADHD/ODD and has aspergers traits. We have tried all the natural treatments, and behavioural therapies. Our child was extremely impulsive and was endangering his own life through his anger outbursts and impulsivities. We turned to the medication of ritalin. I have researched and tried all other avenues, but when it comes to the safety and well being of my childs life, as well as the wellbeing of our family, we did what we felt was the right thing to do.
We havent looked back, his education has improved immensley, he can concentrate, he is no longer in trouble at school every day, and no longer putting himself in a dangerous and vulnerable situation.
We use the medication, and correct rolemodelling, positive behaviour management and are proactive in his school and sports. I understand you have ADHD, but as a parent with a child with ADHD who was suffering in all aspects of his learning, social/emotional development and his general well being...the combination of using medication and positive behaviour management was the answer for us.

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Jul 24, 2010
Who Should We Listen To?
by: TJ Chambers

First off, you would not be less skeptical. You not being honest in your comment. I also notice that you chose to be anonymous which shows you wont even share your name and where you are from.

I share my name, phone number, where I am from, and even make videos freely sharing my knowledge. You see my face and who I am.

I'm not afraid to hide that.

There is nothing wrong with a store selling products. Why should I not allowed to do that?

The people that follow the recommendations change their lives and improve them.

People that medicate ADHD and other problems, eventually get worse.

Your life was not ruined by ADHD. Your life was ruined by not providing the necessary nutrition to your body which made your ADHD symptoms uncontrollable which ruined your life.

I'm an adult with ADHD myself. So you didn't even bother to really read much about this site.

Aspirin is not a good thing either, you are correct.

You made a very inaccurate statement. The emotional damage as a result of adhd is not more of a health risk then stimulant medication.

You can work on healing emotional damage but it may be impossible to reverse the damage that stimulants cause to the body. Why is speed illegal, except for if a doctor gives it to a child or adult? Think about that one.

Doctors don't have knowledge about healing the body. That is why our country has alarming rates of health issues like obesity, cancer, diabetes, autism, etc etc. If doctors knew so much, why is health so bad in our country with all the doctors available?

Sit back and think on that question.

Here is another question for you to think about. This anon seems to be upset that I sell products.

Why isn't this anon upset that the doctor makes money off of you? You have to pay big bucks to go see a doctor don't you? Then you have to pay exorbent amounts of money for medication. Think about the billions of dollars being made through the medication industry.

So why is this anon upset because I sell products and that is exactly what doctors and the medication industry do.

This commenter is a very dishonest person.

Are my comments inaccurate and emotional? There is no proof of that.

The information I share is backed by years of research. There are Medical Doctors and specialists that have delved into this same information that I share.

Guess what. They sell their own products. They have vitamins and amino acids. Are they also so terrible?

Here we have this anon, that has not been able to control any of his/her symptoms.

Then there is myself. I have been able to successfully limit my ADHD symptoms. Not only that, I put my time and energy and money into sharing this information freely with people by building this website.

What has this anonymous person done?

I just get angry when I see these stupid comments from people. Its like the crab that wants to pull the other crab down so he can't escaped.

Jul 24, 2010
sites promoting the 'natural' alternative
by: Anonymous

Id be less skeptical about the opinions of the person who wrote this site if it didnt link to a store selling products to happily match up with most of the 'advice' here.

I am not saying that diet and so on is not a factor in adhd, but as someone diagnosed as an adult, who'se life was pretty well ruined by adhd that was not diagnosed, Im sick and tired of people with no medical knowledge whatsoever telling parents of adhd kids not to medicate them cos it harms them. Actually asprin is more likely to kill you. And the emotional damage that comes out of being isolated and rejected throughout childhood is far more of a health risk than ritalin or dextroamphetamine.

I urge any parents reading sites like this to go to your Doctor, find one who has some actual experience with adhd (so many do not) and listen to wht they have taken many years to learn, rather than responding to inaccurate emotional commentary from people who have a product to sell....

Jun 07, 2010
ADHD medication use
by: Deborah

Did you have your children tested for heavy metals and or have an amino acid panel done?
I have done extensive research on ADHD medications and they all have side effects. You can read about the side effects on the blog and recommend you go to and read up on the side effects any medication you or your love ones take.
A cardiologist told me that they are preparing themselves for a epidemic of premature heart disease for millions of children are taking stimulants that restrict their heart muscles. And these medication are prescribed for long term use.

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