ADHD ,Precognition,OCD,Manic Depression

by Amee

Most of my life I have felt I was different. I can't tell anyone what happens for fear they will think I'm insane. I had a terrible time in traditional school since I could sense everyone's mood. I knew if people didn't like me. It was a prison. My grades consisted of A's D's and F's. My best subjects were math,science and art. I had to struggle through foreign language, English and American Lit. I was bored to death with it. I remember the instructors telling me I was too bright to get such horrible grades, which made me feel even worse.

I also have had precognition since the age of two.I will have vivid dreams and then maybe three months later the incident would occur either in my life or a larger scale.
Everything always came at me at once.I can't multi task so I would be very frustrated with this.The ADHD and OCD has made me a more focus person rather than multi task.I go through high highs and lows because I can't adjust to the plain,boring and structured world around me.Right now in my life I can't concentrate much at all.I don't sleep well and over eat. I feel my gifts as a person are being waated by
mundane everyday boring work or people.Everyone else are
sheep but I feel I need more than a life of typical boredom.

If people are gifted in unique ways,this society overlooks
it and even shuns it.I'll speak about dead people in the present tense and people look at me as though I'm crazy.No not crazy but just aware of what's beyond this life.I feel resentment because I can't fit in.

I want to be happy but on my own terms.I'm always asked why I didn't do the typical in my life such as get married and raise children like everyone else.Well who should get married just to marry would be my answer.People don't understand my independent spirit.

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