ADHD With Strange Spiritual Experiences

by Debbie
(Western Australia)

Eight months ago I was diagnosed with Adult ADD, as was my son whom is nine years old. It took me six months to get my medications right, but I can tell you now it has been the best thing that has ever happened to my son and myself. Since I was a child I have seen and sensed some pretty strange spiritual experiences.

I actually saw a ghost but I thought I was going crazy.
Growing up over the years ( I am now 33 years old ) I have had visions, sensed things that were going to happen. One of the most memorable would be that a vision flashed into my head around the beginning of October 2002. In this vision I saw police and security surrounded by green trees. On October the 12th 2002 my cousin was in the Bali Bombings, and luckily she wasnt killed, but they did lose one of her friends.

I remember feeling sick around midnight the night before it happened ( the bombs went off at 11pm ), and then in the morning received a phonecall with the bad news. When I turned the television on I saw police, security and the green vegetation and trees of Bali. I then thought back to my vision and this was it obviously was.

If I had of known exactly what it had meant I would have stopped her from going.
I have dreams of the family and people that I have known to cross over, and they can show me whether they are happy or not. I actually live accross the road from Fremantle Cemetary and have had some pretty bizarre experiences to the point I have had to have my house cleansed.

People in my life are very sceptical, especially my husband, but I know the feelings I get and what I have seen are very real. My son often comments on little episodes where he knows what somebody is going to say before they have even said it, in which also happens to me on a daily basis. Sometimes it really annoys me, but, I am starting to accept it more now.

I have only started to realize now that all of the above are most probably related to my condition. My list could go on and on, but, I would be here all night.
Now that we have treated our condition our lives have totally changed. My sons school work has improved dramitically, and I am seriously considering going to university next year which is something I would have never have contemplated in my wildest dreams.

My intuition tells me to go and do it, so I guess I have to listen to the gift, I am so fortunate to have. I come from a part of my family in which my grandfather was a brilliant artist and had an IQ of 162.

His grandfather which was my great great grandfather was the first prime minister of Australia, Sir Edmond Barton, so I guess it is definatley in my genes. Who knows what I will accomplish in the future, that is something I will have to wait and see.

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Mar 17, 2009
ADHD adult never treated!!
by: martin di maria

I relate with all these great facts, and I though the only one, people sometimes call me crazy even in my own family 'cause the way I reproduce ideas.

I can have as many thoughts i want.

As a kid i was really active, bored in school in which i never had any problems since it was so easy that i never study, it was all a game for me.

University was okk, nver study that much and people will never put me in their study group, I just went to have fun.

Now I am an adult that i can't keep a job for more than 2 years, It is fustrating, so freaking boring, doing the same thing over and over!!!

I am a system engineer but I need to specialized in something, I believe i am great solving complex problems!! I can read people's behaviors and now when they are lying or not!! amazing!!
Sometimes i can be the most outgoing person but other days i dont want noone to talk to me!! ( this behavior i tried to controll it)

It's difficult for me to show my feelings, and in reality i just want to be happy.!!

I have many premonitions, they all come true.

Hardly sleep.

Practice all sports, prefers the risky ones!!

So I'll see what is next for me,

This behavior has cause me a kind of my own world, i feel lonely sometimes !!

wish to have a girl to understand me!!

peace out!!

May 13, 2008
Welcome to the Tribe
by: Robin Bellantone

Hi Debbie,
I'm a holistic psychotherapist and ADD adult, and work from a multicultural perspective. Your story is familiar to me. We often think of ADD within the creative community, and I believe there is also a strong correlation with spirituality and heightened sensitivity on multiple levels. I've worked with many ADD clients who were previously misdiagnosed, or who are just now recognizing the impact of ADD throughout their lives. Whether ADD - as a way of being in the world - is viewed as a difference or a disability can depend on how cultural and environmental factors support or hinder one's ability to thrive. Since ADD is a non-majority way of attention, perception, and processing multisensory information, I have a lot of conversations with clients and clinicians about the nature of reality and different ways of "knowing." Culturally competent counselors and can help to normalize one's experiences and strengths, as well as to recognize when there is cause for concern. I'm glad you wrote!

May 11, 2008
Comment on ADHD with spiritual experiences
by: TJ Chambers


Thank you so much for writing your story. You are the first person to write and I have waited a couple months for someone to write their story.

We have similar experiences, as you probably read, and I am happy to provide a page where we can all share.

There really is something special about us but we also have to struggle more.

Most people are skeptical and always will be. That is ok. My girlfriend is very accepting of the things I feel and experience.

It certainly helps when I share things with her and then they unfold right in front of us as I have said in my experience.

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