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(Redondo Beach, CA)

I am a 44 year old Paralegal with ADHD and I have strong brilliant writing skills, in terms of content. I was diagnosed at age 5. I find myself unable to keep a job longer than 1.5 years. I have trouble with hyper-focus and company politics and games are part of the montra. When I work for In pro per parties they love me. When I work in a law office I get singled out to be blamed for everything that goes wrong. I then lose confidence make more mistakes by second guessing myself and get treated with hate. I then find another job and leave. I am loyal but I seem to be alergic to bullS***.

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Jul 30, 2014
Paralegal with ADHD--Wow NEW
by: Anonymous

Wow, I could have written your entire same post--same age this year, same paralegal career, and same experiences doing it. Unlike you, however, I wasn't diagnosed until 2 years ago. To be honest with you, I am not exactly sure how I managed as long as I have without being detected, but my life has always had a fine balance of "controlled chaos"...or so I thought. At times, I thought the chaos resulted from my career choice (which always requires me to work around the clock it seems), or from family influences, etc etc. Now, I'm realizing that I wouldn't know how to control the chaos if I tried. Clearly there are things outside of our and medical issues, for instance. I specifically struggle with balancing the role of a mom, wife, paralegal, caregiver, etc. And when those priorities conflict due to personal or family medical illness, like the person posting this blog, I get sectioned out, become the topic of office gossip, get harassed because I'm late, or out of the office late, (irregardless of the fact that I'm often up til 4am making up my time and getting my priorities completed)...SO--my real question is--what are we to do? After 20+ years as a paralegal, and enjoying the work itself, I welcome ideas on how to organize the work (especially if you work for any attys that must micromanage and interrupt you 100x a day) or, is it even possible at this point? I'm at the point of looking for a work at home job. I do believe we ADHDrs are hard workers--the key is in finding the right motivation. Once the employer starts attacking us for silly reasons (like no longer honoring the "flex time schedule" they always promised), we ADHD'ers typically lose even more focus, lose interest, and almost sabotage ourselves unwittingly. Are there any tools, resources, guidance to help us maintain our jobs/careers/professions in this difficult time in society?

Oct 04, 2013
I feel your pain. NEW
by: Anonymous #1

I Usually Run On All Cylinders, WorkinG Until I'm So Exhausted I Can't See Straight... And Then I Get So Incredibly Sick That I Must Rest. I Fall Behind, Can't ever Seem To Catch-up. That Is When All Of The Office Politics B.s. Really Intensifies, aNd For My sanity's Sake, I Have To Get Out Of Dodge Quickly.

P.s. Sorry About The Funky Use Of Caps. Don't Know What's Causing It.

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