am i crazy or is it the adderall

by john m chambless
(st. peters mo.)

i been on it for two days now. i hate it .it makes me all paranoid. im hereing shit . the second day i did not even go to sleep. im still up writing this. befor i took this stuff i felt fine. i think people are trying to break into my house but they are realy not. i dont want to talk to people thats not normal for me. i almost watched a hole season of gangland. i ate a bite of food and was like fuck it i didint even want to eat it. i think im going crazy.and my tummy is making hella noises thanks for reading sorry about the spelling

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Sep 03, 2010
ur right
by: Anonymous

my son is 6 yrs old and he is on adderall and he is going thorough all dat stuff i feel so bad.

Jul 12, 2010
Effects of Amphetamine
by: TJ Chambers

Check out the effects of Amphetamines. Looks like you guys will have a lot to look forward to.

Amphetamine is chemically related to methamphetamine.


Physical effects
Physical effects of amphetamine can include reduced appetite, increased/distorted sensations, hyperactivity, dilated pupils, flushing, restlessness, dry mouth, erectile dysfunction, headache, tachycardia, increased breathing rate, increased blood pressure, fever, sweating, diarrhea, constipation, blurred vision, impaired speech, dizziness, uncontrollable movements or shaking, insomnia, numbness, palpitations, and arrhythmia. In high doses or chronic use convulsions, dry or itchy skin, acne, pallor can occur.[33][34][35][36]

Occasionally amphetamine use in males can cause an odd and sometimes startling effect in which the penis when flaccid appears to have shrunk due to vasoconstriction. Upon erection the penis returns to normal size.[37] However, this may simply be an urban myth. "There are no published scientific reports which provide objective evidence that penile shrinkage occurs as an effect of amphetamine use."[38]

Young adults who abuse amphetamine may be at greater risk of suffering a heart attack. In a study published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence,[39] researchers examined data from more than 3 million people between 18 and 44 years old hospitalized from 2000 through 2003 in Texas. After controlling for cocaine abuse, alcohol abuse, tobacco use, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, lipid disorders, obesity, congenital defects, and coagulation defects, they found a relationship between a diagnosis of amphetamine abuse and heart attack.[40]
[edit]Psychological effects

Psychological effects can include euphoria, anxiety, increased libido, alertness, concentration, energy, self-esteem, self-confidence, sociability, irritability, aggression, psychosomatic disorders, psychomotor agitation, hubris, excessive feelings of power and invincibility, repetitive and obsessive behaviors, paranoia, and with chronic and/or high doses, amphetamine psychosis can occur.[33]

Based on a study in rats, amphetamine use during adolescence may impair adult working memory.[41]
[edit]Withdrawal effects

Withdrawal from chronic use of amphetamine can include anxiety, depression, agitation, fatigue, excessive sleeping, increased appetite, short temper, psychosis and suicidal thoughts.[42]

Jul 12, 2010
Still on Adderall?
by: TBe

Hi John,

Just wondering if you are feeling better or not.
Are you still taking the Adderall? My doctor prescibed 60 mg for me a day, and that was way too much for me, and now I only take 20 or 25 mg a day, sometimes 30 at the most.

I too, was very paranoid when I was on the higher dose and one night - couldn't stop researching stuff on the computer, and did not go to bed and had to go to work the next day. I hated the paranoia and will not ever take that much again.

I not only reduced my dosage but I don't take it past 2 or so in the afternoon anymore so I will go to bed at a decent time, and I take 5 mg tabs so I can take 10 or 15 mg right away in the AM after my alarm clock first goes off, and then only take 5 mg at a time usually 2 more times throughout the day up until 2ish.

I actually still had to up my celexa though to counteract the anxiety. I wasn't feeling paranoid anymore but was just too tense. Much better now but had to work on it to figure out what works for me.

I have combined ADHD, not very hyper or impulsive but was low energy and lethargic at times, yet fidgety and just tense at other times.

Still a little tense but the Adderall does give me a lift that helps with the energy level and helped lift some pretty heavy depression off of me, after not being able to get it off of me like I had always been able to do before.

Hope you are feeling better.

May 09, 2010
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by: Deborah Merlin

I know one boy who suffered depression and hallucinations while taking stimulants. He stopped taking the medication after using it for seven years. When asked how he felt while taking stimulants, he described it as always feeling depressed. He would be hungry, but he wouldn’t eat much. He would feel tired, but he couldn’t fall asleep. He felt like his energy was stuck inside his body, but he was unable to express it. Once he was off the drug, he felt much better.
Ask your MD to test you for heavy metal toxicity (lead,cadmium and mercury). Heavy metals can be removed safely by chelation therapy.
Start taking fish oil and good quality vitamins that contain no aspartame or artificial food coloring. Do NOT stop taking adderall without your doctors supervision. To learn more about heavy metals and ADHD go
Deborah Merlin

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