Am I Gifted?

by Sarah, 13 and confused

I have Adhd, and have always said (even before i knew i had it) that I could "read" people very well. Because I am not a people person, I dont think this could just be because I'm with a lot of people all the time, because Im not. Now, after finding out being adhd might really mean gifted, I keep wondering about this. It's not very strong, but it is easy for me to tell what people are feeling. Its possible if this is a gift, that its just one of the weak. Could this be a gift? Can someone tell me what it feels like for them, if they can read peoples feelings?

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Mar 23, 2017
by: Anonymous

When I was 9 years old I realized that I had the gift to read people's emotions but never knew there was an actual term for it. I was walking home from school in a very happy mood skipping and singing. The second I touched the doorknob to open the door I felt this wave of despair.

I walked through the back bedroom and both my parents were crying, my mother responded with your grandfather passed away today. There were many other times after this that I can recall where I was able to read the emotions of the room to the point where I would get so anxious I would begin to shake.

Now that I am older and wiser I am usually able to tame the senses around me.

Sometimes I find myself getting worn down from people that are not emotionally stable aka emotional vampires, and need to be by myself to decompress. I have also been the victim of a couple of sociopaths in my life but have recovered by taking some sociology and psychology classes. I also have over-focused adhd, and believe that it adds to my abilities.

Oct 05, 2015
Do I have ADHD
by: April

Hello, I am 45 years of age and for approx 6 years I have been consciously aware that I have what I believe to be a spiritual gift; in that, I am highly empathic. (Although I think I was born this way. ) However in this last few years I have been finding my sensitivity/ gift (which I believe comes from God) extremely difficult to manage. I have now developed ADHD type symptoms. I find it really difficult to relax and keep my mind on one thing unless it is something I am really interested in that helps me to relax. I also suffer with Chronic Fatigue but even when I am extremely tired my mind seems over active. I am wondering if my gift is making me anxious and restless or if I might actually have ADHD. It is hard to know what causes what! Any help or advice would be appreciated.


Mar 25, 2014
Cursed and Blessed.
by: Aaron

I have struggled with ADHD ever since i was a child. I am curreently 16, going on 17 in four more months. I have always had problems with math, but I have succesfully excelled in my previous years. Now in highschool, i failed Algebra twice. Not good.

My teachers have inspired me to try even harder in improving this problem. The thing is, that I am in fact, a very smart kid. I will give my life before I ever follow the wrong crowd. But one thing I am truly blessed for I also ADHD. Beyond the problems, there are gifts aswell. I seem to have a very impressive talent for analyzing people. I also seem to notice things that other people normally woudn't.

This part of my ADHD is practically an entire part of my life. I can't walk down the hall without noticing every single thing around me. Sometimes I even feel that I should even be a detective! I fully understand that my ADHD was put inside my life by God as a challenge. I am naturally a good listener, learner, and writer, and He knows it. But I believe that it would be too easy for me to simply be put on the earth with a straight mind. The obstacles put in front of me aren't impossible to beat.

These obstacles will only improve my mind and make me a stringer person.

He said it Himself; "With God all things are possible"

Jul 07, 2012
guess what we're on the same boat
by: Anonymous

Hi Sarah!

I'm 18 years old and kind of... experiencing
same symptoms. Your'e lucky that you and your family recognizes your situation at a younger age. Not all ADHDs are understood like me. Probably there are some whose gifts are never really appreciated all their lives. But as for us, let's both cheer for our valued gifts and be happy.

Jan 21, 2012
Yes maam you are gifted.
by: Anonymous

Hi Sarah,
Your post caught my attention. I am 36, was diagnosed with ADHD 3 yrs ago and as far back as I can remember I have been very sensitive to people and the emotions that they have. My situation was backwards from yours but hey, 6 of one, half dozen of another. It is all the same in the end. I have to say that if your not either an empath or a HSP(highly sensitive person) then I will eat my shoes, my favorite ones. You say your not a people person but empaths and HSP are infact people persons, however ALOT of us are not comfortable around others becuase we have no idea how, what, when, where ect..what makes us uncomfortable around other people. I started doing alot of studying on the subject when as much as I absolutely adore my children and husband, I could barely stand to be around them. Vague reading suggested being "Touched out" meaning that they drained me emotionally and physically but it didn't make any sense to me that if I was alone, I would think about all the fun we would have, vacations, time alone with my husband ect..yet the second they came into the room I would want to run and hide behind a locked door. Needless to say this caused me and my family all kinds of problems. I found a spiritual advisor and God bless him, he saved my life because I was to the point of being suicidal at this stage of the game. He called it a hint-by-4. He simply said, your very sensitive and easily pick up other people's mental and physical trash. Have you ever talked to someone who was miserable and your were fine at the beginning of the conversation and at the end, they were fine but you felt like garbage?? There are alot of articles out there about empaths and HSP (which aren't the same thing by the way.) Find ways that work for you for clearing, grounding and protecting yourself. I googled 'psychic protection for empaths" and there was a ton of info. I no longer am uncomfortable going on vacation to Disney World, going to a crowded restaurant or Christmas shopping at the mall on black friday. Figure out what your gift is and you will be quite surprised how fast you become a people person. It isn't the people you don't want to be around, it is all of the garbage they carry and you so readily take that you don't want. Hugs to you, your barking up the right tree now!!

Oct 17, 2011
Feeling others' pain
by: Anonymous

Hi. I'm an adult in my mid 40's and have been diagnosed with ADD. I have always been extremely sensitive to children's emotional pain. In the first few seconds of meeting the child, I could look in their eyes and know they had inner sorrow, it's like I feel it. I never mentioned it to anyone until I befriended a spiritual healer, and she understood completely. She said because I was so sensitive I needed to learn how to ground myself so I wouldn't take on too much of their energy.

Now that I'm more aware of my sensitivity, I realize how often when have a conversation with a person, even a complete stranger, I immediately pick up areas of their lives where they have personal pain. It happened last week, and I can still feel the exact moment in the conversation where they felt pain.

My children all have versions of ADD / ADHD and I think they are extremely sensitive as well. It's like we see through everyone's masks.

Sep 28, 2011
Same here
by: Cate

Hi Sarah, I know what you mean. I'm not diagnosed with ADHD yet but I'm an empath, which means I can pick up people's emotions and pain.

You said you're not a people person, and neither am I, so maybe you do have a gift:) I kind of experience what others are feeling, almost everywhere I go. Is that how you feel? Why don't you check this site out? You can ask your question there too.

Take care!

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