'Angry' food

by Kathy

I am 43 today and I am still not diagnosed. I have a problem with a food,when I drink coca cola or coffee I can kill somebody for no reason at all.So, I have many days with no food at all.I was asked to quit my job because I couldn't stand the pressure.My behavior was unacceptable to others. I work from home and test food,one product every few hours to see what will make me feel good and what will make me feel bad. I did go to see a doctor,many of them but didn't get anything I can point my finger at and say,...this is it,..now I know and now I can fight it. Don't have any friends...had one since childhood but we are not close anymore.Once you fail with a friends,work ,family and marriage what is left for you to do? I am trying not to go in that direction and I am working on myself everyday.
I need help with my diet.

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Mar 11, 2012
2 Best Products - Immediate Benefits NEW
by: Spent Years Searching

If you haven't already - add A LOT of Omegas and Amino Acids/Protein Powder - to your diet - it should stabilize you! Take these early in day, or 1/2 at breakfast, and 1/2 in afternoon...
(The below information comes from 2 experts (one a pediatric psychiatrist and another, a biochemist & nutritionist) that I have worked with this year for my son's ADD (and my own clinical depression) as being major boosters and support for brain and neurotransmitter function.) Both of the following items are available at VitaCost.com ... and have made a big difference in our lives!!

OMEGA 3 OIL - start with best you can afford - I recommend "Nordic Naturals - DHA 1000" ... you want higher DHA levels than EPA levels (you will see this listed in ingredient values) DHA in particular is good for brain and mood, EPA for heart... You want to get between 3,000 and 4,000 mg of DHA into your body daily...that is MUCH more than is commonly understood and about 3-4 times what most omegas will offer as "suggested dosage"... If you can handle omega oil by tablespoon, this company makes 1 with a lemony taste, and it is perfectly fine; but you can also use this DHA 1000 capsules (2 capsules = 1000) and take the capsules (between 6-8) to get recommended amount...Yeah, it sounds like a lot of capsules...but TRY IT...when you notice the difference it makes in your day, in your concentration, in your mood - you will happily swallow them. Even my 13 year old doesn't complain much - as he saw the benefit from the first day, with concentration at school. TAKE THESE in morning...or 1/2 morning...and 1/2 afternoon. (NO burping! NO aftertaste! - if this does happen to you in beginning; your solution: drink your shake or eat 1/2 cup of oatmeal to settle your stomach) 'tho ideal to take capsules (or oil) on empty stomach for maximum absorption..

SOLGAR whey based Protein with largest Amino Acids profile offered in any product - plus it is delicious. Avail in chocolate, vanilla, or plain. Mix with milk, or almond milk, or lactose free milk. Also blends with water extremely well! We have tried so many & this is best! If you must have a rice based protein shake -then Sun Warrior is best pick!

Good Luck! Don't wait, you will see these help very fast!

Further recommendation: look into having full blood panels done to ascertain if there are imbalances you are not aware of. Look particularly at vitamin D, calcium, and thyroid levels, as well as sensitivities to foods that may be setting you off: ask for test for gluten tolerance...

Oct 15, 2011
You're not Listening !
by: woodye85741

Have you ever heard the statements of:
" Of all things I've lost,I miss my mind the most "!
" I can't afford to pay attention "!
I think back over the years of an assortment of jobs and hobbies,cars and 'toys's,those of which soon I became dissatisfied with, only to gravitate toward the next 'shiny object.

I've been told " Pay attention ! "&" You're not listening ! ".
I've been told that others have noticed my inattentive behavior.
I get frustrated when I seem to only understand half of instructions given.
Others frustrations often turn into anger which leads me to even more confusion and frustration.

It's a vicious circle:
Confusion leads to Frustration which leads to confusion...ad infinitum .
My attention span is short,recent memories are not often registered. I often repeat some questions more than just once.
I am told that I had been to a particular place or function, many times I will ask "Did I like it"?

Oct 15, 2011
You're not Listening !
by: woodye85741

You may have heard these statements :
" I can't afford to pay attention !"
" Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most "

I often mistakenly hear only part of a given instruction.

I take a wrong turn when told to follow specific directions.

I then get frustrated by the fact of being told that I was in error & had done task otherwise.

These statements are many times expressed in an 'Angry'
manner. I really mean yelling and screaming.

I am told that others have a difficult time of me being seen as ignoring or unable to ''Do as you are told'' !
How do I tell these people that I suffer from ADHD ?
( not officially diagnosed)

Aug 19, 2010
What Help
by: TJ Chambers

What help would you like?

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