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by Chris
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I had the worst morning ever. My daughter did not understand her geometry and would not go to school today b/c there was a test. She has a 504 plan that allows her extra time...I told her to ask for it! She will not advocate for herself, ask for extra help, go during what they call SMART lunch to get help or use their after school tutors. The morning meltdown exhaust me! I know b/c of her ADD (inattentive) she shuts down when there is a lot of info to this case, formulas. I feel like teachers think ADD is an excuse. Her Italian teacher is the worst- embarrassed her in front of the class when she comes in late or gets something wrong. Has complained to the class about learning plans such as 504 and IEP’s. Literally said excuse from parents or kids that are dumb and need it?! It’s hard being judged. Then my daughter blames me b/c I’m putting to much pressure on her. I just want her to do her best. Am I disappointed if she gets a C ...yes, but if she’s trying her best I understand.

Need advice from those of you who understand.
Thank you!

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